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  • ESX Scripts

    Nintendo Switch v2 (ESX)

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    Nintendo Switch for ESX

  • ESX Scripts

    Card Game Script

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    A Card Game you can play on your server! 🙂 Have fun


  • ESX Scripts

    VIP Mechanic Job [QBCore & ESX]

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    An advanced and realistic Mechanic Job that will add a lot of fun and roleplay potential to your server.


    • :package: Stash, Crafting and Storage system
    • :hammer_and_wrench: Incredible set of useless items
    • :toolbox: Diagnose vehicles in the garage or out of the garage using a toolbox
    • :mechanic:t2: Repair vehicles in the repair areas ( car lifts ) or using a carjack
    • :wrench: Items for civilians ( Repair Kit & Advanced Repair Kit )
    • :oncoming_automobile: Mechanic Garage with customizable vehicles
    • :hammer: Crafting System
    • :computer: Unique and Custom Boss Menu
    • :sparkles: Fully Optimized Code ( server/client side )
    • :unlock: This resource is fully unlocked ( No obfuscation or IP-lock )
  • ESX Scripts

    FiveM Gamepad Script

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    ESX version, you can convert to qbcore easily


    1. Game Selection: Browse a wide selection of games on the main page of the STG Gamut Script. Choose from various game genres to suit your preferences.
    2. Single Player Games: Enjoy solo gaming experiences with a range of single-player games available on the platform. Whether you’re looking for action, adventure, or puzzles, there’s something for everyone.
    3. Online Multiplayer Games: Connect and compete with other players from around the world in online multiplayer games. Challenge your friends or make new ones while engaging in thrilling gaming sessions.
    4. Interactive Design: The script offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes navigation a breeze. Easily find and launch your favorite games with just a few clicks.
    5. Diverse Game Library: Explore a diverse collection of games to cater to all gaming tastes. From casual to hardcore gamers, there are options for all skill levels.
    6. Discord Support: If you have any questions or need assistance, visit our Discord page for dedicated customer support. We’re here to help and ensure you have a seamless gaming experience.
    7. Continuous Updates: STG Gamut Script is regularly updated to provide you with new games and features, ensuring that your gaming experience remains fresh and exciting.
    8. Community Engagement: Join our community of gamers to share tips, strategies, and experiences. Connect with fellow gamers who share your passion.

    Enhance your gaming server experience with the STG Gamut Script. Whether you want to enjoy some solo gaming or challenge friends in multiplayer matches, our script has you covered. Explore our diverse game library, receive support through Discord, and stay engaged with a vibrant gaming community. Start your gaming journey today!

  • ESX Scripts

    FiveM Apple Watch Script (ESX)

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    Apple Watch for FiveM, has apps for your wrist!

  • Police Scripts

    Advanced Police Job – ESX

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    Police Interactions

    • Cuffing
      – You can Hardcuff & Softcuff Players.
      – When someone is handcuffed, they will have a physical handcuff item visible on their character.
      – When Hardcuffed, your hands will be behind your back.
      – Softcuffed your hands will be infront of you.
    • Escorting
      – When you’re escorting someone, you’ll do the animation of holding their arm, like you’re ACTUALLY physically escorting them. While doing so, the players legs will move instead of just hovering/floating.
    • Put in / Out vehicle
      – Not shown in the video (sorry) but you can put someone in / out of a vehicle with the following commands
      – /piv (Put In Vehicle) will put a player into a vehicle. Supports putting multiple people in the same vehicle (Up to three people)
      – /out (… Out!) will take a player out of said vehicle.
    • Dragging
      – /drag will drag someone. Pressing S will move you backwards.
      – You can drag people who are alive / dead (WOW! /s)
    • Billing
      – /bill ID amount will bill the player for X. ALL funds will go into the police society fund.

    Police Job Menu​

    • View Roster – Will show all police officers (as well as those off duty)
      – You can see their callsign, name, and rank here.
      – Callsigns – Unique identifiers for each officer. These can be changed as people are promoted/demoted. (Use case later down).
      – Promote/Demote – Pretty straightforward.
      – Fire (Also… straightforward)
      – Hire New Officer – Enter in the Players ID, and whala. They’re hired. Like Magic. WOW.

    Prop Interaction & Items

    • Props
      – Cones – Placeable Cones (Need to be added to your armory)
      – Barricades – Same deal as Cones, add them to your armory.
    • Items
      – Riot Shields – (Not shown in video, sorry!) – Equip a Riot Shield with a pistol (Equip the pistol THEN use the riot shield). Will protect you from Bullets, the collision can be a little OP and push cars, so use responsibly!!
      – PD Cam – Set up a Spy cam ANYWHERE in the world. Simply use, position (The red line will be the cameras POV, and press E to place. Give your Camera a name, and view by going into the survelience room on the second floor.
      – I’ve already included cameras set up for the Banks & Jewelry Store. You can add more cameras to help in stake outs, other heists, and pretty much anything your heart desires to help further your police RP.
      – Vehicle Cam – Set up a Spy cam in ANY VEHICLE. Go into the Survelience room on the second floor to view / remove.
      – Finger Print Kit – Collect Fingerprints from vehicles (if they are wearing gloves, no fingerprints)
      – Evidence Bag – View collected evidence (needs to be processed before you get any info)
      – DNA Swab – Collect DNA from any player to be entered as evidence.

    Evidence System​

    • Built in Evidence System
      – Collect bullet casings from dead bodies – When analyzed, these will reveal what caliber gun and the location of where it was collected.
      – Blood Samples – When someone is seriously wounded, they’ll leave behind a blood pool that you can collect. When Analyzed, it can be compared to any DNA Matches you’ve got from swabs.
      – Fingerprints – Collect Fingerprints from Cars (OR FROM ANY ROBBERY, OR DOOR YOU SET UP USING A SIMPLE EVENT!) When Analyzed, can be compared to any Fingerprint matches in the system.
      – Fingerprint (AT PD) – When processing criminals, take them into the processing room and alt-menu the desk to fingerprint them and add them into the system.
      – For more on the Evidence System, check out this video 16


    • Dispatch Interactions
      – With the dispatch job (or as a police) interact with the computers on the first floor to access the dispatch menu
      – From here, you can view ALL ACTIVE DUTY POLICE OFFICERS.
      – Send DIRECT messages to specific officers
      – Send GPS WAYPOINTS to specific officers
      – Adds another avenue of RP for players seeking the law enforcement lifestyle without the dangers of the job.

    Duty / Blips​

    • On/OffDuty
      – Going offduty will remove your blip from other officers (duh)
      – Going onduty will add your blip to other officers. Each Blip shown WILL ALSO SHOW CALL SIGN.
      – Great for knowing which officers are responding to what scene, etc.
      – Color Coded Blips – Give each blip it’s own unique color to easily identify cadets, officers, the chief, etc.
      – Supports adding blips for EMS by default


    – AUTOMATIC RESTOCK – When going ON Duty, you will automatically be restocked of any items you don’t have or don’t have enough of. (Configurable)
    – You can add ANY Item, ANY Amount, and for WHATEVER COST, you choose.
    – The money comes out of the Police Fund directly.

    Firing Range​

    • Get familiar with your Arsenal
      – Add different weapons via the Config.
      – Supports Static & Moving targets.
      – Static Targets are set at 5 / 10 / 20 Meters/
      – Once the target disapears, you will get a score depending on the amount of damage you’ve done.


    – My goal here was to make EVERYTHING INSIDE PD FUNCTIONAL.
    – You can sit at EVERY Chair inside PD.
    – The Break Room Refridgerator can provide food/water for any Police Officer (Config)
    – Grab fire extinguishers straight off the wall to avoid adding excess to your armory
    – Storage Lockers / Clothing Change. Interact at the lockers to do either. Using a different inventory or c lothing script? No problem, supports adding YOUR OWN EXPORTS. Currently set up for Ox Inv / Fivem-apprance.
    – SHOWER to remove any BLOOD from your enemies (or friends)
    – Wash hands cause it’s gross not doing it

    – RAPPEL out of Helicopters (polmav)
    – When in the back seats, press X to Rappel from the helicopter.

  • ESX Scripts

    Grand RP VIP System

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    a VIP System For ESX!


    • You can earn coins as you spend time in the game. If you buy Prime or platinum, the amount of coins you earn will increase.
    • You can configure Prime or Platinum as one-time or subscription.
    • Special discounts for Prime and platinum subscribers. You can easily set discounts from Config.
    • You can buy or rent vehicles unlimitedly.
    • You can get in-game vip with Tebex payment method
    • Easily editable config
    • You can set vehicle,coin or item background color is the config

    This script will probably make your server VERY profitable!!!

  • QBCore Scripts

    Advanced Health System

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    Advanced Health (and Disease) System

    for qbCore & ESX


    It works independently of the ambulance script. You can use your own ambulance script, there will be no problem.

    The script is designed to treat the player according to the limb they were hit by.

    We designed the script to add realism to the game!

    When you are hit, a hud will briefly appear on the left side of the screen showing where you were hit.

    Different treatments and items are required depending on the severity of the injury. (Minor, Medium, Critical)

    Also many features can be set via config.

    For example, fast healing of all wounds, activation/deactivation

    Bleeding on impact active/deactive

    Damage multiplier, Damage Value

    How many seconds of damage will be inflicted

    Health regen active/deactive

    Activate/deactivate skillbar for treatment

    Removing hits when player is revived active/deactive

    All animations and localizations

  • ESX Scripts

    Leaderboard (ESX/QB)

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    • Leaderboard data is updated instantly in-game.
    • This script is standalone but according to your skin script you may need to edit the open file with your skin datas. You have the responsibility to edit this.
    • You have to set a steamwebapi_key for images or images will be displayed as default image.
    • TOP 3 is displayed on the platform with the player’s character, separate for killing and dying.
    • The leaderboard contains the player’s own information and the rankings of other players.

  • ESX Scripts

    Wais HUD V5 (ESX/QB)

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    ESX & qbCore!

    Check the images for description

  • ESX Scripts

    LAB HUD (remastered)

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    Lab-hud is here with its renewed version. It is now responsive and bug fixed.


  • FiveM Standalone Scripts


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    The Fingerprint Scanner Script is a new addition to your FiveM server that allows players to scan their fingerprints and generate a unique ID. The script also displays information about nearby players. With its unique features, the Fingerprint Scanner Script is a must-have for any FiveM server looking to enhance its gameplay experience.

    Features :star:

    1. Supports almost all frameworks and can be configured for any framework
    2. Modern UI + Responsive to all screen resolutions
    3. Scans the fingerprints and retrieves information
    4. History tab to display the 5 most recent scanned data
    5. Synced UI between Players
    6. Prop Animations and Sound Effects
    7. Easy to use with other scripts
    8. Highly Configurable config
    9. Language Editor
    10. Includes an auto-update checker to notify you of updates
    11. Highly optimized for performance at all times [0.0ms]
    12. For More Features Check Config + Watch Preview
  • ESX Scripts

    Venice Report v2

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    For ESX / qbCore

    Venice Report v2 ESX QB

  • ESX Scripts

    CodeM Trading Script (ESX/QB)

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    mTrade is a open source trade script for ESX and QBCore

  • ESX Scripts

    Dirk Fishing Simulator (ESX/QB)

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    A fishing script for FiveM compatible with both QBCore and ESX.

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    Car Lift Script

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    Simple car lifts for lifting cars. Perfect for some fancy mechanic roleplay or usage in other scripts

    Great script performance running at 0.00ms, around 0.04 when the lift is moving

    This script works without any frameworks but has support for ESX and QBCore to enable lifts for certain jobs only

    Main features

    • Good looking lift
    • Smooth animations
    • Add as many lifts as you want
    • Vehicles remain physical when on the lift
    • (ESX & QB only)  Ability to enable certain lifts to be for specific jobs only
    • qtarget and qb-target compatible (not required)
    • High performance
    • Highly configurable
  • Loading screen

    Loading Screen (DebuX) (ALL FRAMEWORKS)

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    the Loadingscreen has a Minigame in it.

    Check out the video

  • ESX Scripts

    STG – VehicleShop (ESX)

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  • Police Scripts

    Wasabi Admin Menu

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    • Optimized idle of 0.00ms
    • ESX / QBCore / Qbox compatible
    • Secure events and callbacks (No pesky modders)
    • Compatible with inventories: ox_inventoryqb-inventoryqs-inventorymf-inventoryesx-inventorycheeza, and custom can be added (Optional)
    • Compatible skin menus: esx_skinqb-clothingfivem-appearance, and custom can be added (Optional)
    • Compatible car lock systems: wasabi_carlockqb-vehiclekeysjacksam and custom can be added (Optional)
    • Compatible fuel systems: legacyfuelox_fuel or any other system (Optional)


    • Ace permission accessible (Configurable)
    • Framework user group accessible (QBCore / ESX / Qbox – Configurable)

    Self Management:

    • View health of self
    • Toggle no clip
    • Toggle invincible
    • Toggle invisible
    • Revive self
    • Heal self
    • Open skin menu (Compatible skin menus above)
    • Set ped (Configurable peds in peds.lua)

    Player Management:

    • View list of online players and their IDs
    • Manage health if player
    • View money and accounts of player
    • Give account money / items to players
    • View inventory of player (Compatible inventories above)
    • Clear inventory of player (Compatible inventories above)
    • Give player skin menu (Compatible skin menus above)
    • Freeze player
    • Toggle no clip player
    • Toggle invincible player
    • Toggle invisible player
    • Bring / go to players
    • Ban / kick players

    Server Management:

    • View / manage active bans
    • Delete all cars (without player drivers)
    • Delete all peds
    • Delete all objects
    • Set weather for server
    • Send global admin announcement
    • Send job specific admin announcement

    Built-in Ban System:

    • Ban players via menu or command for set time (Configurable)
    • View, edit, and delete active bans in the Server Management section of the menu

    Vehicle Options:

    • Spawn vehicle with custom colors, license plate, and option of max mods
    • Repair vehicle
    • Change plate of vehicle
    • Delete closest vehicle
    • Refuel vehicle
    • Toggle door lock status of closest vehicle
    • Change color of vehicle
    • Set vehicle to max fuel (Compatible fuel scripts above)
    • Modify torque of vehicle

    Developer Options:

    • Toggle debug mode (A raycast for getting entity/object information such as coords and hash. Also option to delete entity)
    • Copy vector3 coords to clipboard
    • Copy vector4 coords to clipboard


    • ban, kick, no clip, search inventory, clear inventory, and skin menu commands (Configurable)

    Admin Zones:

    • Create, edit, and manage defined admin zones
    • Ability to set name, blip, color, and size of zone upon creation
    • Ability to set if people are automatically revived within the zone
    • Ability to set if people are automatically disarmed within the zone
    • Ability to set if people are invincible within the zone
    • Ability to set speed limit within zone for vehicles
    • View active admin zones, edit them, delete them, or teleport to them

    Many updates planned and suggestions being actively implemented!

  • FiveM Mods

    Parkour Script

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $21.41 Add to cart

    This work is designed to diversify and transform the movement in GTA V The script has been released and is available for purchase

    — A lot of animations that dynamicly interact with the environment
    — No need to pre-configure
    — Ready client event for use with your UI
    — Customizable localization and key mapping
    — Standalone (You can use it with any framework)

  • Police Scripts

    BodyCam + Dashcam (Infinity & OneSync)

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Script Features :

    100% Open Source

    ⚙️ The script works completely with Infinity and Onesync.
    ⚙️ The system works in instant job updates.
    ⚙️ Server side 0.0 is running with resmon
    ⚙️ Client side works with 0.0 resmon when not in use. ( 0.10ms when using )
    ⚙️ The menu is updated instantly.
    ⚙️ The list is also loaded for people who enter the server later
    ⚙️ Bodycam menu contents: Police Label – Firstname & Lastname
    ⚙️Dashcam menu contents: Car Plate – Firstname & Lastname

  • Free FiveM mods

    Gear Shifting

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    -Support for RHD Vehicles
    -Blacklist Vehicles
    -Runs at 0.00 ms
    -Toggle Animation
    -Adjust Animation Duration
    -Supports real driving gearbox
    -Compatible with Manual Transmission GTA Plugin

  • ESX Scripts

    KQ OutfitBag

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Great script performance running at 0.00ms (Can be higher when rendering 3d text)

    This script works on both ESX & QBCore

    Main features

    • Save multiple outfits
    • Put on previously saved outfits
    • Place and pick up the bag (item)
    • Ability to use a command if you don’t want to use an item (configurable)
    • Share outfits with other players
    • qtarget, qb-target and ox_target compatible (not required)
    • High performance
    • Highly configurable
  • Police Scripts

    Premium MultiJob

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $24.98 Add to cart

    Originally created for my personal FiveM server; *wasabi_multijob* is a solution to the issue revolving around players being restricted to one job alone. What started out as a simple multi-job menu has now evolved into a full boss menu/default boss menu replacement.


    • Fully optimized
    • Adds all jobs to menu when player is awarded job they have not been awarded prior
    • Allows players to easily go on/off duty
    • Allows players to easily switch between a series of jobs
    • Boss menus that you can place anywhere, for any job, in the config with ease
    • Boss menus can be used to change rank/fire employees regardless if they are online or offline
    • Boss menu reads from wasabi_multijob SQL table rather than job column of users table (This ensures all employees are listed regardless of if they are clocked in & that the job is removed from list when fired)
    • Replace stock ESX boss menus
    • Ability to give bonuses to employees banks via boss menu even if employee is offline.
    • User’s active job will switch to the default off duty/unemployed job if they delete said job while on duty
    • Ability to blacklist jobs from being added to job menu (i.e. prisoner) *New!
    • Tasteful icons *New!
    • Automatically adds addon_account data and addon_account_data tables if needed (For easily adding boss menus without having to add data to SQL manually) *New!
    • Frequent updates and additions planned
    • Full support provided
  • Police Scripts

    (ESX/QB) Advanced Police Job

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    • Optimized with 0.00ms idle
    • Multiple LEO departments(No need for separate scripts for separate police jobs)
    • Full handcuff props and animations
    • Escorting animation
    • Keybinds for arrest(Configurable)
    • Resisting arrest via skill-check
    • Compatible with ox_inventory, qb-inventory, qs-inventory, and mf_inventory(Code open to incorporate a different inventory)
    • Tackling(Configurable)
    • Job Menu (Configurable)
    • Fine players(Compatible with QBCore, okokBilling and esx billing OR any billing can be added to open code)
    • Boss menu(Compatible with wasabi_multijob, qb-management and esx_society)
    • Cloakroom(Compatible with esx_skin and my fork of fivem-appearance OR any skin script can be added to open code)
    • Optional target(By default compatible with qtarget/qb-target/ox_target)
    • Armory(Configurable by job grade)
    • Garage for land & air(Configurable by job grade)
    • Vehicle interaction menu added to job menu which includes vehicle ownership information, lockpicking vehicle, and impounding vehicle (New As of 1.0.5)
    • Ability to incorporate jail script(See docs)
    • Ability to view suspect’s identification
    • Ability to view and revoke licenses
    • Most if not all of the pre-existing esx_policejob features
    • EXTREMELY configurable
    • Full replacement for any script that depends on esx_policejob
    • And more!

    Frequent updates / feature additions planned so stay tuned!

  • ESX Scripts

    Garage Impound System

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $28.55 Add to cart

    In German language, but you can also translate it to any other language


    • Garages and Impound System
    • Discord Webhooks
    • Auto despawn when leaving the impound
    • Car/Boat/Airplane/etc. Garage
    • Exploit/Duping Safe
    • Low latency (0.00 – 0.01ms)


    • Logo can be set in the UI
    • ESX Events / Prefix and / sharedObject
    • Banking Labels can be set
    • Garage/Impound positions
    • Notify Event
    • All messages/notifications
    • Complete configuration (Ticket)


    • The UI is fully customizable in terms of color, see style.css


    • es_extended 1.1 / 1.2 / etc.
  • Free FiveM mods

    Lifeinvader Job (Free)

    $0.00 Add to cart

    Completely for free – for all Customers 🙂

    How to

    1. We download both files
    2. We add all files to our server under “resources”
    3. We open the “server.cfg” and add the following “start esx_computing” “start liftsarish” and “start lifeinvaderpatoche”
    4. We upload “esx_computing.sql” to our MySQL server
  • Police Scripts

    Trygon HUD

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $28.55 Add to cart

    Check out the images to see the look. 🙂 It’s pretty modern and nice.

  • Police Scripts


    Rated 0 out of 5
    $27.36 Add to cart


    • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core
    • Compatibility with progressbars
    • Compatibility with minigames such as skill-bar
    • Compatibility with target system – ox_target, qb-target etc..
    • Compatibility with menus: esx_menu_default, esx_context, qb-menu, ox_lib.
    • Compatibility with custom question menu for accepting gym pass purchases such as vms_notify.
    • Menu with character statistics.
    • Translation of the script in many languages thanks to the VMS Translator team: English, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
    • The ability to have multiple gyms on the server.
    • The ability to set the gym to work including the ability to set the required pass that can be sold by an employee with the hail set in the work config.
    • Temporary gym memberships built into the script with adjustable expiration times.
    • Many activities at the gym: bench, barbell, dumbbells, pull-ups on a bar, push-ups, running on a treadmill • Endurance during exercise dependent on your character’s condition – to increase your character’s condition it requires swimming, running or cycling. • To practice this requires pressing a button, it is not automatically done, also you can plug to it, for example, skill-bar.
    • Lack of exercise results in reduced condition and strength over time.
    • Ability to modify running speed and impact strength depending on character stats.
    • Possibility to use marker, 3d text or without these options.
    • The script has 3 available client-side exports – addSkill(‘skill_name’, value) => This allows you to increase your skilling with other activities in your other scripts. – getSkill(‘skill_name’) => The ability to get a value of how much a player has skil and thus add the ability to be active in other resources when a player has enough stamina or strength, for example. – removeSkill(‘skill_name’, value) => This allows you to reduce the skilling with other activities in your other scripts, e.g. eating caloric foods such as burgers etc.
    • Full translation with config.lua & translation.js.
    • Full support.
  • ESX Scripts

    Holster Script (+ Sound)

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    This is a little holster script that adds a sound if you draw the weapon.

    Works on any framework. Video Preview down below.

  • ESX Scripts

    DNZ Donator System

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $15.46 Add to cart

    Reward your players if they donate for your server

    ESX only. Video preview down below!

  • ESX Scripts

    Bumper Car (Full Package | MAP + SCRIPT + CAR)

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $22.60 Add to cart

    Standalone, qbCore and ESX  

  • ESX Scripts

    [ESX] Advanced Ambulance Job 

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $60.68 Add to cart
    • 0.0ms on idle
    • Fully optimized
    • Players must be treated for injuries they die from or will respawn with less health / the EMT will receive less of a reward (Configurable)
    • Death animation synced and persistent
    • Medical Bag with instruments that treat possible wounds to add immersion to RP
    • Animations and props
    • Working stretchers
    • Built in easy dispatch system
    • Built in ambulance garage with aircraft compatibility
    • Integrated invoices (Optional – esx _billing/ Qbcore / okokBilling compatibility but easy to add custom in editable client.lua)
    • *Integrated cloakroom (Optional – Configurable between esx skin and wasabi’s fivem-appearance)
    • Integrate your dispatch, phone, notifications, and inventory with ease with plenty of editable code!
    • Support out of the box for GKS Phone & qs-phone dispatch (Optional/editable) New as of 1.0.9
    • Option to clear inventory on player death (ox_inventory/qb-inventory/mf-inventory/qs-inventory & esx supported)
    • Anti-combat log option (Player will return dead if disconnected while dead)
    • Extremely configurable
    • Multi-hospital support
    • Hospital check-in (Configurable)
    • Usable Medikits (Medics can heal others and themselves & civilians can heal themselves)
    • Usable Sedatives (Temporarily sedate players – Configurable )
    • Boss Menu access w/optional wasabi_multijob compatibility (Configurable)
    • Complete esx_ambulancejob / qb-ambulancejob replacement
    • GKS/Quasar phone distress signal configurable(Will disable built-in dispatch)
    • Wasabi Carlock / qb-carlock compatible (Custom car lock events can be added as well)
    • Target compatible(OPTIONAL – qtarget/qb-target/ox_target)
    • Very frequent updates planned / additional features planned
  • ESX Scripts

    [QB][ESX] Advanced Clothing V2

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    • Order style clothing store
    • Order style tattoo shop
    • All prices are adjustable
    • Character creation, Tattoo Shop, Barber
    • Adjustable wardrobe system
    • Dress up events for the jobs
    • mysql-async and ox-mysql support
  • ESX Scripts

    VMS Documents

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $5.94 Add to cart


    • Ability to set a requirement to take a picture of yourself for money for documents
    • UI Mugshot
    • Easy configuration of document color
    • Full support.
  • ESX Scripts

    VMS Clothestore

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $27.36 Add to cart


    • Compatibility with ESX and QB-Core
    • Compatibility with esx_skin / qb-clothing / fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance
    • Automatic adaptation of the camera to a given body part
    • Possibility to set the animation that the ped performs during character creation
    • Interaction sounds can be turned off
    • Ability to disable/enable individual categories for each stores (you can do jewelry shop only with chains, earrings, watches)
    • The ability to use the script with a marker or with a trigger that will be called, for example, by npctalk.
    • Ability to set access to player’s dressing room in stores.
    • Ability to set the possibility to save the created outfits after buy.
    • The ability to change the values on the sliders using the arrows on the keyboard or with mouse.
    • Compatible with other resolutions
    • Full JS translation.
    • Full support.
  • ESX Scripts

    VMS Multicharacter

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    • Pretty UI design.
    • Tested on a large server at Onesync Infinity, works fine!
    • Point defaults to airport for character change (can be turned off)
    • Ability to disable character self removal by players
    • Ability to change the default weather when selecting a character
    • Ability to plug in your own identity register (vms_identity is not required)
    • Ability to plug in your own character creator
    • Admin commands: /deletecharacter, /setslots, /removeslots, /enablechar, /disablechar
    • Players while in character selection do not see each other
    • In the config, you can set the maximum number of characters but the administrator can give next by command
    • It’s all open source
    • Compatible with other resolutions
    • Full JS, Lua translation.
    • Full support.
  • ESX Scripts

    VMS Character Creator

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $29.74 Add to cart


    If you are creating a script on your server, e.g. Inventory, and you want a character to be created vitrually in the UI, this is an ideal application

    • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core
    • Compatibility with esx_skin / qb-clothing / fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance
    • Automatic adaptation of the camera to a given body part
    • Possibility to set the animation that the ped performs during character creation
    • Interaction sounds can be turned off
    • Ability to disable/enable individual categories
    • Ability to set cloth-sets, you can prepare ready clothes sets for players
    • Players while in character selection do not see each other
    • Compatible with other resolutions
    • Full JS translation.
    • Full support.
  • ESX Scripts


    $23.79 Add to cart


    Possibility to add your own custom tattoos.

    By default, we made 11 add-on face tattoos because there are few in GTA.

    If you want to make new add-on tattoos, no problem it is very easy and in addition, we wrote a detailed step-by-step documentation on how to make such!

    • Compatibile with ESX / QB-Core
    • Compatibility with esx_skin / qb-clothing / fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance
    • Pretty UI design.
    • Tattoo Artist job to be set in config, many players can have their own tattoo studio, but this does not exclude the possibility of setting another tattoo studio for NPCs.
    • Price separately for each tattoos.
    • Advanced tattoo includes the ability to configure how many barbers are be companies of the players and how many by NPCs at one time!
    • Script easy to configure.
    • Camera switching between tattoo.
    • Compatibility with Onesync & OneSync Infinity.
    • 0.00ms resmon outside the interiors.
    • 0.03ms resmon in the course of using the tattoo menu.
    • Ability to set required items for employee like tattoo machine, tattoo ink and tattoo laser remover.
    • Ability to set custom tattoos names in config. (The default is made to detect the language of your game.)
    • Ability to set TextUI
    • Full JS, Lua translation.
    • Full support.
  • ESX Scripts

    Vehicle Shop (DebuX) (QB/ESX)

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $33.31 Add to cart


    * Clean UI

    * Detailed Config

    * Easily adapted to your language

    * You can easily build a new building

    * Fast after-sales support

    * Cars categories etc. can be easily added

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