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  • Free FiveM mods

    Canx Spawn Selector

    0.00 Add to cart

    Features :sparkles:

    • Clean And Best Ui & Ux
    • Optimized
    • Open source
    • Fully Customizable
    • Easy to add and remove locations via config
    • Smooth Camera Transition
    • Standalone resource
    • Usage 0.00 MS

  • ESX Scripts

    BP HUD

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    This is an originally HUD. Check out the image if you like it, then buy it.

  • FiveM Mods

    Aquiver – Inventory System 4

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    • Customizable frontend styling, colors and many other. (saved in localStorage)
    • Drag and drop & move between slots.
    • Item ‘movings’ are synced between the opened players. (Important with faction safes and trunks, etc.)
    • Item definer constructor(Useitem, description, etc.)
    • Action slots (1-5)
    • Dropping items on the floor, with defined model. (defined it in the itemdefiner)
    • Item notification system, when you pickup or use item with action slot. (1-5)
    • Fast item interaction, when you hold shift and left click on the item, it is instantly put on the secondary or your main inventory.
    • The little clothing icons, let your character dress up&down. Basically its a dpclothing implemented.
    • Vehicle trunk opening with animation, and with boneindex. (if the vehicle has the boot bone)
    • Customizable weight system. (Factionsafes, Players, etc. and differently on each vehicle)
    • Stacking system. (You just need to set a variable, then everything will be recognized, so you will not have double weapons)
    • You can add starting items, when the player joins the server. (in config.lua file with custom amount, etc.)
    • Locale files both Lua and JS (need for the html). (currently, english and hungarian language)
    • Custom weapon system. We use bullets, not weapon mags. (Attachments not supported, but you can make it afterwards)
    • Not a MySQL eater. We only have 3-4 mysql calls. We load the player inventories when the player joins. The vehicle trunks loading on the first open, etc. And we save the inventories with a timeouter. (editable frequency in the config file)
    • Unique variables on items. (many as you want, you can make the attachments system with it, etc.) example:

    { component = 'SILENCER', durability = 20} -- NEED TO BE A 'KEY' TABLE!

    • and many other feature, if you have any question(s) ask in the comment section.
  • FiveM Mods

    Password Whitelist Script

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    This script secures your server with a password.

  • FiveM Mods

    FiveM Case Opening Script | Loot Box

    29.20 Add to cart

    Eyes Case Responsive and fast UI Open Source

    For ESX and QBCore

    You will be able to sell money for the game through Tebex and have people open safes with that money

    With bank money, the player will be able to buy gold or top up their account via tebex-id

    When the product is published with many more features, you will see a magnificent 5-page product is coming.

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    Glock (improved, Switch and Beam)

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    1. Enhanced Glock Experience: The Glock (Improved, Switch, and Beam) mod is here to revolutionize your firearms gameplay in FiveM. Say goodbye to the standard combat pistol and welcome a superior alternative that takes your shooting adventures to the next level.
    2. Enhanced Performance: With the Glock mod, experience improved weapon performance that ensures more accuracy and stability during intense firefights. Whether you’re engaging enemies in close quarters or taking precise shots from a distance, this mod has got you covered.
    3. Versatility at Your Fingertips: What sets this mod apart is its unique feature of the “Switch and Beam” mechanism. Seamlessly toggle between different modes, allowing you to adapt to various combat scenarios on the fly. Experience the thrill of fast-paced action with the flick of a switch.
    4. Realism and Immersion: The Glock (Improved, Switch, and Beam) mod brings a sense of realism and immersion to your gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of law enforcement, military operations, or just casual shooting, all with a touch of authenticity.
    5. Top-notch Replacement: Bid farewell to the standard combat pistol and embrace the Glock mod as the new standard. Equipped with cutting-edge features, it offers a perfect replacement that complements your role-playing experience on FiveM.
  • ESX Scripts


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    • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core
    • Script supports pma-voice, for esx: esx_status and for qb-core default food and drink system on trigger which is used in default qb-hud
    • Customization Hud Menu per key and per command – it is possible to disable the access key to be available only on command or you can completely disable access to this menu
    • When changing the position of any element on the HUD, a grid is displayed to allow the player to adjust the icons more precisely.
    • Seatbelts – If you don’t have a script for seatbelts on your server, you can use the ones available in the script, in the config you can set the minimum speed at which the player must hit something for there to be a possibility of falling through the windshield, and you can set the percentage chance of automatic death
    • Hud Info – You can change the hud in the upper right corner in config to use icons or names from the translation.js file, you can change the icon to your server’s logo in png or gif format and change the name underneath or remove it completely. In the info hud, you can also use the config to remove the cash balance and bank if you don’t want it displayed.
    • Fuel – if you use a fuel system you can use the fuel display on the speedometer but if you don’t have a fuel system you can disable it with config and it will disappear completely from the player’s hud
    • Two speed units – KMH & MPH
    • Two types of speedometer – Linear & Circle in the customization menu of the hud the player can choose the type he likes and change the color, scale and position.
    • Two types of minimaps – Square & Circle, both maps scale their position depending on the user’s game resolution. You can choose the first one which the player will start when he/she joins the server for the first time (the map type is saved in the client’s cache, so when the player joins the server again the previous preset type of the map he/she chose will be loaded).
    • Changing the position of HUD icons – You can freely adjust the position of icons according to the type you choose, horizontal/vertical. This is how they will be displayed. You can also completely disable them using the HUD customization menu. Importantly, you can disable the ability to position icons in the center of the screen in the config, so that the player cannot set, for example, the health status in the center, using it as a crosshair to shooting.
    • Pulsating food and hydration icons when the player’s status is below 20% to inform them.
    • All available options in the Hud Customization Menu are saved locally with the user in the game cache, this means that rejoining will load the user’s previous hud settings and he won’t have to configure it every time he connects to the server.
    • Full support


    For more informations or full view for configs, check our script documentation: HERE

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts


    15.13 Add to cart

    For ESX and QBCore

    Spawn Selector Mod

    Docs are here

  • FiveM Mods

    Best GFX Racing

    25.95 Add to cart

    • You can create routes on live map and you can show saved routes on menu.
    • You can show active races on live map.
    • You can place bet on races.
    • Racers can show their in race status on the racing hud.

    • QBcore or esx

  • FiveM Mods

    2NA Premium Garage [Manageable Garage System]

    32.44 Add to cart

    Works on ESX & QBCore!

    • Elegant UI featuring;
    – Vehicle engine, break, suspension and fuel details
    – A search bar that helps you find a vehicle easily with its model name or license plate

    • Garage center that gives users an ability to;
    – Purchase a garage
    – Sell a garage
    – Make money off a garage

    • Impound system that helps users;
    To respawn their vehicles by paying an amount of money

    Config file with lots of options to configure such as;
    – Enabling/Disabling garage purchase system (garage center)
    – Changing the amount that is needed to respawn a vehicle at the impound
    – Changing the amount that is needed to fix a vehicle’s engine
    – Adding/Removing new garage locations

  • FiveM Mods

    Vames Documents | ID CARD MUGSHOT

    24.87 Add to cart

    :sparkles: Features:

    • Ability to set a requirement to take a picture of yourself for money for documents
    • UI Mugshot
    • Easy configuration of document color• Full support.

    Requirements ESX / QB-Core, MugShotBase64

    Works with ESX and QBCore

  • FiveM Mods

    Advanced Mechanic System (ESX/QB)

    24.87 Add to cart

    For ESX & QBCore


    • Players can purchase Mechanic businesses.
    • The operating feature can be turned off and the mechanics are accessible to anyone. (These settings are available in the config files)
    •  Multiple mechanical businesses can be created.
    • All purchased items are added to a cart and the mechanic can invoice the vehicle owner.
    • Engine, Brake, Turbo, Suspension and many other upgrades are available.
    • Players can install colored headlights on their vehicles.
    • Players can change their plates via the mechanic.
    • Vehicle Repair Fee is calculated based on damage to the vehicle. It is not a fixed price.
    • Mechanic owner can give discounts to players.
    • The owner of the mechanic can arrange the money her employees will receive for each modification.
    • Mechanical Owner can withdraw and deposit money from the safe
    • The mechanic owner can hire or fire someone new.
    • The Mechanical Owner may transfer her business to another person.
    • The Mechanic Owner can access the customer history and clear the list through the Boss Menu.
    • The mechanical owner can change the name of the business.
    • Free Camera is available.
    • It has the feature of zooming to the selected part.
  • FiveM Mods


    33.52 Add to cart

    LS MDT / vCAD for FiveM


    Most Advanced dispatch system in MDT, officers can see all dispatches in MDT map!

    Department Management,

    Department chiefs can employ persons. Chiefs can fire and grade officers in MDT!

    Person Management,

    Officers can manage persons from MDT, they can create Warranty or see all personal information. Records, Officers can create a incident, report or bolo record!


    Advanced dashboard, officers can see all wanted persons/vehicles, dispatches, bulletin and most useful stuff!

    Sound design,

    When officers click, add new record or other clickable things they can hear most sounds!

  • FiveM Mods

    AN Admin Menu (QB/ESX)

    25.95 Add to cart

    Unlocked Version

    Full NoPixel Style Admin Menu

  • ESX Scripts

    Argus HUD (ESX / QB)

    29.20 Add to cart

    This is Argus HUD. Full open source.

    Please watch the video below!

  • ESX Scripts


    24.87 Add to cart

    FaxCAD for FiveM. Like CopNet! Elite Version

    FaxCAD has been completely rebuilt from the ground up in a faster and wider used language! FaxCAD is the perfect edition to your community to host databasing for character information and other role-play related information. Complete with a custom livemap for FiveM use it’s extremely user friendly for your community.


    • Easy configuration
    • Built into Discord using bots
    • Periodic free updates
    • Robust staff panel with dynamic editing support
    • Discord login system for easy user-flow
    • Settings changeable on demand without system restarts
    • Node.Js website, runs faster than ever


    • Online server/machine to operate. Commonly known as a VPS or dedicated box, we recommend Linux (Ubuntu 22.04)
    • Domain name

    This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common ‘Shared Hosting’ plans.

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    FiveM VIP Emote Menu (+1000 new)

    44.34 Add to cart
    1. Introducing the new 2023 animation menu!
    2. Elegant design, with more than 1000 new animations!
    3. And in this animation menu, you can left click on each animation and do it with the other person! And even walks are included!
    4. You don’t need separate scripts for erotic roleplays, this menu has it all!
    5. 0.0 resmon idle
    6. When using 0.03 resmon.
    7. In this animation menu, you will have dances – props and a lot of gang animations you will never see!
  • ESX Scripts

    Quasar Inventory (QB/ESX)

    35.69 Add to cart

    This is Quasar Inventory!

    Quasar Inventory is a slotted inventory based on metadata completely unique in the FiveM community, this asset incorporates into your server in a native and clean way the possibility of using unique items with internal information in each one, this being one of the only professional inventory elaborated in the community.
    Enjoy an inventory of unique characteristics and very well achieved visuals, with minimalist finishes and internal player information, such as life, armor, hunger, thirst and much more configurable information.
    As if this were not enough, you can also change the name tag of your items to accommodate them as you like. You will also have an amazing built-in clothing system that will allow you to turn any clothing store into an amazing store with automated metadata.
    This package includes multiple unique features never seen before, and will also give you access to a series of exclusive DLCs that will enhance your gaming experience, giving you a backpack system, weapons on your back, animations when drawing your weapons and much more.
  • FiveM Mods

    2NA Car Control

    21.62 Add to cart

    Control your vehicles parts (doors, hood, trunk)

    Control your vehicles engine/lights/etc.

    Listen to music with your friends synchronically from YouTube

    Park camera system to make your parking easier

    Mileage system that tracks your vehicle’s miles (Can be disabled from config)

  • Police Scripts

    2NA Chat

    14.05 Add to cart

    Modern UI with emoji support and ability to mute the chat

    Lots of commands filled with lots of details for a better roleplay experience such as:

    When someone wears a mask, ‘me’ command user is shown as anonymous

    Command for showing your identity for another player

    Whisper command that helps you aviod anyone from hearing what you said

    Job commands such as police, ems, groove that helps people within that job to communicate

    Lots options to configure such as:

    Disabling emoji menu

    Changing colors of the message type background

    Changing chat key

    Changing default suggestions

  • Police Scripts

    Real Handcuffs

    40.01 Add to cart

    Electronic Cuff

    Tracking the criminal with GPS

    Shock the Criminal

    You can’t handcuff the criminal without surrendering

    Special handcuffs for police and criminals

    Special Prop Designs

    Tying the character’s feet

    Putting a sack on the character’s head

    Tape the character’s mouth and put money in his mouth.

    Move the character

    Getting the character into the car

  • FiveM Mods

    Body Damages V2 [ ESX / QBCore / STANDALONE ]

    20.54 Add to cart

    This is the second version of my Body Damages script, with new improvements, new graphical interface, including the old one and the classic version which was not released in the previous version and some more features.

    Well, this script was developed for the Roleplay server to have a greater immersion with doctors.

    However, this script can be used on any type of server, for example, ZUMBI servers, be creative.

    It shows the player, the damage he has taken, what damage he has taken, if he is injured, shot, cuts, punches, drowning, run over, explosion, fall and much more.

  • FiveM Mods

    VIP System – Ingame Shop (ESX/QB)

    36.77 Add to cart


    • Your players can buy the products they want through the automated system. 
    • Easy adjustable config 
    • Fully optimized, tested on a 400-player server 
    • Tebex integration
    • License plate customization
    • Phone number customization 
    • Purchasing a vehicle with a special license plate
    • Buying a helicopter with a special license plate
    • Buying weapons and money


    • oxmysql
    • mysql-async
    • ghmattimysql
  • Police Scripts

    CopNet MDT (ESX/QB)

    40.01 Add to cart

    For ESX + qbCore!

    Person and Vehicle profiles, Incidents, Reports, Evidence, Images and all… It contains with double Dark/Light Mode. User can switch to any mode from Config tab. More new scripts are coming soon.. Stay Tuned with DB Framework.

    Watch the preview down below!

  • ESX Scripts

    Wasabi Crutch System

    31.36 Add to cart


    My crutch system adds a prop and limp to your character for however long the doctor sees fit. This is great for servers who love the medic RP.


    – Optimized 0.00 idle / 0.01 highest

    – Configurable/optional jobs that can give crutch to patients

    – Configurable/optional usable item to give crutches to patients

    – Configurable max time with crutch

    – Exports for opening crutch give menu(Great for implementing into job menus, etc)

    – Exports for setting/removing crutch time

    – Disables use of weapons while in crutch

    – Disables fast sprinting while in crutch

    – Will restore crutches if someone leaves and comes back

    – Removes crutches if player dies

    – Animations and props

    – Supports ESX/QBCore out of box (or any custom framework you add to the bridge)

    – Full documentation

    – Frequent updates planned

  • ESX Scripts

    VIP Identity Design

    12.97 Add to cart

    A brand-new ESX_Identity design – for your server. Give it a modern, fresh touch.

  • ESX Scripts

    ESX Jobs Creator (v4.0)

    40.01 Add to cart

    This Job Creator script allows server administrators to easily create generic jobs with many customizable interaction points.

  • ESX Scripts

    Crunchy Cats Tactical Poses (with Animation Menu)

    36.77 Add to cart

    – FiveM Ready (DP Emotes, by Hakon)
    – All of Crunchy Cats emotes

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    VIP Carry

    9.72 Add to cart

    New carry script from RTX Development team. Carry works on request system, for example, you have to choose the carry type. Script have 3 types of carry and you can choose them thanks to menu or simple /carry 1-3 command. Player in distance will get a request and question if he accepts or declines this request, it also shows who did send you the carry request. Script is fully optimized, configurable and standalone. Script is protected via Escrow System, you can still configure almost everything in config.lua, language.lua, also you can change style in html.


    OneSync Ready

    Good optimization (0.01ms)


    Easy to install

    3 Types of Carry

    Secured against hackers

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    SaltyChat UI

    9.72 Add to cart

    This script shows an overlay screen if you’re not connected with SaltyChat

    If you happen to be using FiveM with SaltyChat, you may have experienced instances where you’re not connected to SaltyChat, causing you to miss out on voice communication with other players. This is where a script comes in handy to alert you when you’re not connected.

    The script is designed to detect when you’re not connected to SaltyChat and automatically displays an overlay screen on your gaming interface. The overlay will serve as a visual indicator to notify you that you’re not connected to SaltyChat and should take steps to connect to avoid missing out on crucial voice communication during gameplay.

    By having this script installed, you no longer have to worry about missing out on important information during gameplay due to SaltyChat connection issues. With the overlay screen displayed on your interface, you can quickly identify the problem and take action to ensure you’re always connected to SaltyChat while using FiveM.

  • ESX Scripts

    Modern Shops UI

    9.72 Add to cart

    A Shop UI script, for supermarkets etc.

    German text, it’s easy to translate!

  • ESX Scripts

    [QBCore/ESX] Tip4Serv donation Web Shop

    15.13 Add to cart

    This script connects your web shop to your FiveM server.

    How it works ?
    The script checks if a player has made a donation on your Tip4Serv store and delivers the order (money, rank, vehicle, item…) by typing commands in the server console.


    – Store available in 15 languages

    – Unlimited game servers & commands

    – Create subscriptions plan

    – Commands status tracking

    – Stock management

    – Deliver roles & messages on Discord

    – Easily offer a product to a friend

    – Create discount coupon

    – Add managers for your store

    – Purchase email and invoice

    – Sales statistics

    – Private flow for subscribers

    – Custom sub-domain

    – Customize store colors

    – No ads

    Several payment methods

    Card, Paypal, Google Pay, Ideal, Giropay, Bancontact, Sofort, Sepa, EPS, BACS, Multibanco, BECS, Przelexy24, BOLETO, OXXO, Afterpay.

  • ESX Scripts

    VIP+ Housing Script (ESX)

    36.77 Add to cart

    Housing system with lots of features like :

    • Key Management
    • Garage System
    • Furniture System
    • House Creator Ingame

    Everything in only one resource and fully optimized

    – No IP-Lock
    – No Obfuscated
    — Works with ESX (1.2 or legacy)

    … All shells are included for free!

  • ESX Scripts

    Auto Salon Script (ESX)

    17.30 Add to cart

    Vehicle shop script for FiveM. Shows speed, model, vehicle stats, etc.

  • FiveM Mods

    Spawn Selector with Modern Design

    18.38 Add to cart

    Introducing the ultimate FiveM spawn selector script, designed to revolutionize the way selecting spawn locations . This script is fully optimized, making it lightning fast and easy to install. It supports any framework, so no matter what you’re using, this script will integrate seamlessly. So why wait? Make your life easier and take your server to the next level with the FiveM spawn selector script
    Showcase below


    > FEATURES : 

    Support any framework 3 built in framework : Esx , QBCore , Vrp .
    Easy adjustable config.
    Fully optimized.
    Responsive Design.
    Coordinates, place names etc. can be edited via config.
    – works with FivePD Server, set framework to Vrp in config 🙂

  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    Zip-Tie Script

    15.13 Add to cart

    Custom Zip-Tie Script

    Custom standalone zip tie script is built to enhance roleplay and bring crime to a higher level. I have never seen this done before so I decided to do it.

    custom sounds


    only works when a user is nearby

    prop included

  • ESX Scripts

    CS Stories

    27.03 Add to cart

    Looking to push your players’ social experience one step forward?
    Give them the opportunity to express themselves via time-limited video sharing!

  • ESX Scripts

    Medical System – Skelly System

    42.18 Add to cart

    Now standalone and more performant than ever.

    • Name: Advanced Roleplay Environment (visn_are)
    • This script simulates a whole health system on the player.
    • You will be able to enjoy a completly new roleplay experience with it. Read the details for more information.

    Package Details

    • Pulse, blood pressure, blood level and pain simulation
    • Custom game objects created for the system, such as a morphine syringe or a bandage
    • Nice, compact and modern ui
    • All areas or bones are vulnerable. Any area of the body can bleed and can be stitched if needed.
    • Various infusions can be injected into circulation, such as morphine or epinephrine, which have influence on the simulation
    • Medical operations can be done from non-medics
    • A clear activity history to have an exact tracking of the actions already carried out.
    • Different sounds to improve the atmosphere. Such as defibrillator noises, heart beat noises and much more.
    • It is possible to carry an unconscious person.
  • ESX Scripts

    myMinijobs – 3 Jobs Package

    9.72 Add to cart

    Hey guys,

    with this topic I want to present my Minijob Bundle including three little job scripts, to let your players earn some money in their freetime apart from their normal jobs.

    The BurgerShot Job:

    -> You can deliver burger on three different routes with three different vehicles. Depending on your experience, you can get access to a better salary and better orders.

    The Gardener Job:

    -> As a gardener you take care of the Golf course. You can decide whether you want to pick weeds or mow the lawn.

    The Busdriver Job:

    -> You can select whether you want to drive a normal service bus, a coach or a Vinewood-Tours bus. Your route is also always depending on the vehicle you selected.

    Showcase Video

    The experience system:

    Every time you f.e. deliver a burger or stop at a bus stop you’ll get increase your job level. In the Config you can restrict certain vehicles and routes for specific job level then. So your player have to spend some time to gain valueable experience to access new routes. This progress is saved in the database.

    Dependencies :

    – NativeUI
    – (optional) ESX -> You can set up in the Config, whether you want to use the ESX integration. When this integration is enabled, you can earn money.

  • Police Scripts

    Artifact Heist (ESX/QB)

    21.62 Add to cart


    • ESX or QBCore (import, export or trigger versions).
    • Game build must be 2372 or higher. Server version must be 5181 or higher.
    • QTarget or QB-Target.


    • Detailed and easy config. (Change reward and required items, language, etc.)
    • Editable functions. (Help notifications, notifications, police alerts and all server events.)
    • Editable artifact items and prices. (with item chance)
    • Editable random guard ped weapons.
    • Addable new artifacts and containers.
    • Addable new guard peds.
    • Including minigames.
    • Including required police count.
    • Including police alert.
    • Including discord log when start robbery and gain loot.
    • After robbery, police players use /pdartifact command and can clean area.
    • Can do this heist with your friends.
    • All heist sync with other players.
    • Onesync/Onesync Infinity support. (I tested on gamebuild 2372 and Onesync infinity.)
    • Uses the FiveM Tebex Escrow system. Open source version in store.
    • Full optimized. 0.00 ms at idle. Screenshot
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