AUP / Acceptable Use Policy

This is the “Acceptable Use Policy” by ESX Scripts (for all vendors).

You are independently responsible for ensuring that all of your actions in connection with your use of the ESX-SCRIPTS.COM services, regardless of the purpose of such use, comply with all applicable law. In addition, you must comply with the terms of this Usage Policy. Violation of this Usage Policy constitutes a violation of the Terms of Use applicable to you.

In addition to this AUP, Publishers we work with may impose, at their sole discretion, additional restrictions on Acceptable Use. Such restrictions apply alongside and in addition to the terms in this AUP.

1. You may not use any ESX-Scripts service for any activity which:

1.1 Violates any law, byelaw, statue or other form of regulation, or otherwise encourage, promote or facilitate others to engage in illegal activity

1.2 Is offering for sale any items not directly related to your game server or it’s community, or items that impact core gameplay or other servers. For example, selling on-server perks or ranks in an associated communication channel (such as Discord) is acceptable, whereas selling items including but not limited to software, physical goods, access to vehicles, weapons or other items that affect other servers or core gameplay is not acceptable.

1.3 Is offering for sale any items considered obscene or of a sexual nature

1.4 Infringes upon or violates any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy, or any other personal rights under the laws of any jurisdiction

1.5 Is offering for sale any items that can be converted into fiat (real-world) currency

1.6 Is offering for sale any items involving gambling, or other activities where the reward/prize is based on chance, including, but not limited to casino-type games, betting on the outcomes of any event, lottery-type events or any other ventures that involve a purchase/entry with an outcome based on chance (whether or not legally defined as gambling), including “lootboxes” or similar mechanics under other names.

1.7 Is trying to monetize a server that issues cash prizes, or prizes that can be converted to cash, in exchange for playing, including, but not limited to competitions, ‘play to earn’ or servers that operate prize draws.

1.8 Does not offer anything in exchange for the payment (in other words, Donations). All products listed must provide a benefit to the Customer. Packages that do offer deliverables should not be described as donations.

2. Upon receiving a report or discovering any breach of the above, or additional, AUP, ESX-SCRIPTS will immediately move to verify the report, and, upon verification:

2.1 Disable the vendors account responsible for the breach

2.2 Limit access to funds generated by the webstore responsible for the breach.

3. You must be 18 years old or older to sell via If you are not 18 years old, we may wait till you are 18 years old and/or disable your access to our services and/or freeze your funds.

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