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  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    SA:MP Inspired Nametags

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    Hello, today we have prepared an SA:MP Inspired Nametags Script V2 for you. Compared to V1, there are a lot of new features and the legendary meet system. Besides that, the config is very much elaborated and everything is customizable. You can make many edits to the script via config.lua 

    You can also get information about script installation and other features on GitBook.

  • ESX Scripts

    Dusa – Mechanic

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    • Customize your vehicle with most detailed choices
    • Boss menu for each mechanic, manage employees, edit which rank access any feature of menu. Kick anyone or hire. Set discount rate for parts, set fees, edit name. In short, edit anything you want.
    • Usable tuning tablet to change vehicle mode, customize realtime handling, enable neons and xenons
    • Synced neons + xenons, choose any color and animate them
    • Advanced craft system to create rare items (plate, nitrous, spray)
    • Repair tyres, clean vehicle and repair engine with unique minigames
    • Dynamic car lift
    • Tow truck with menu
    • Customize vehicle wheels, edit camber & offset
    • Highly detailed, maximizing gameplay experience
    • Smooth, optimized menu (vuejs based)
    • 0.0ms at any case, no client-side usage. Server-side is completely optimized
    • Supporting 6 different language (If you want you can add yours) –
      Supported languages > EN/DE/TR/ES/FR/IT

    Compatibilities & Configuration

    • Script is working for QBCore / ESX, you don’t have to configure framework. It will automatically integrate itself depends on your base. So that means, you can start this script without doing anything extra!
    • You don’t have to use any other script to run this script.
    • All configurations are completely clear and enough for average customer who don’t know how to coding.
    • Script front-end & back-end is well optimized and smooth to maximize player experience.
  • ESX Scripts

    FiveM Daily Lucky Wheel

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    ak4y daily wheel | fivem lucky wheel | ak4y daily wheel | fivem daily wheel


    • Items, weapons, money and vehicles can be added to the wheel of luck
    • The wheel opens automatically when you enter the game.
    • Money for re-open wheel can be obtained under the direction of Tebex.
    • It can be set how often the wheel can be switched on for free.
    • The wheel can be reopened with a paid money system.
    • Excellent design
    • Fully optimised
    • Easy adjustable config
    • Responsive Design
    • Many abuse barriers
    • The player’s profile picture and user information are displayed in the menu


    • oxmysql
    • mysql-async
    • ghmattimysql
  • ESX Scripts

    Spawn Selector | Location Player Count

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    FiveM Spawn Selector Script | ESX / QBCore / Standalone

  • ESX Scripts

    GUN MENU | Inspired by CS 2

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    • A FiveM weapon shop inspired by Counter-Strike 2!
    • Menu colors can be easily edited from the files, just like in CS2.
    • The contents and prices of the gun shop can be easily configured through the config.
    • Weapons purchased from the gun shop can be set as items or directly given to the character’s hand through the config.

    ESX / QBCore / Standalone!

  • FiveM Mods

    0r Chat V2

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    FiveM Chat Script


    Photo sharing feature in chat

    Spotify Music Features

    Filter chat messages, hotbar

    You can roll dice, play rock-paper-scissors.

    You can edit the chat with the Settings menu

    Your name is hidden when wearing a mask

    Turn notifications on/off

    You can change the color of names and add tags in front of your name.

    private chat channels like darkchat, yellowpages, police, ems.

    special design for money, job commands

    Emoji tab

    Players can change their OOC/ME/DO design.

    You can change the chat position.

    You can add unique pictures to your Me/Do designs.

    You can turn on music.

    Detailed config file.  

  • ESX Scripts

    CodeM xFuel

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    xFuel is a fuel system for ESX and QBCore as open source

    Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt8EOkJxEFM

    Documentation: https://codem.gitbook.io/codem-documentation/x-series/xfuel

  • FiveM Mods


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    mHUD AIO is an All In One HUD system for ESX and QBCore

    Any framework compatible


  • ESX Scripts

    BakiTelli HUD V1

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    FiveM HUD For ESX / QBCore

    Check out the video preview / images

  • ESX Scripts

    AC-NOTEBOOK | Nopixel 4.0 Inspired Notebook Script

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    Inspired by Nopixel 4.0, this Notebook script will enhance your server.

    Video preview down below

  • ESX Scripts

    Advanced Interaction Script

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    AI / FiveM NPC Interaction script

    Video preview down below

  • ESX Scripts


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    • You can make cargo deliveries with your teammate or alone.
    • You must deliver to or pick up deliveries from the designated destinations.
    • Earn money and experience to reach higher levels and other missions.
    • Mission outfits, separate coordinates for each mission, wages and experience points.
    • Detailed config file.
    • 20 missions ready.
    • Easy installation.
  • QBCore Scripts

    Kaves Mechanic

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    Clean & Responsive UI.
    Extra menu for police and ems.
    Illegal modification options(Popcorn exhaust, Nitro, Vehicle Traction(RWD-FWD-AWD-FourWD) Tuner Chip, Fitment Menu)
    Realistic camera angles.
    Fully optimized
    Easy Config
    Advanced color options
    New chameleon colors
    and more…

    ESX & QBCore

  • ESX Scripts

    0r Craft (NoPixel 4.0 inspired)

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    All items can be crafted.
    Craft Table and Attachment Table
    Compatible with ox_inventory and qb-inventory.
    You can also customize it into custom inventories by purchasing open source.
    You can multiply craft tables from config.
    You can update the design color from config

  • ESX Scripts


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    A Car Control script inspired by NoPixel 4.0

    Control your car with this menu, blinkers, seats, windows, doors, etc.

  • ESX Scripts

    NoPixel 4.0 ID Card Script

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    Inspired by NP 4.0 ID Card Script for your server

    Elevate your FiveM adventures with our sleek identity card system, inspired by NoPixel 4.0. Seamlessly integrate with your preferred inventory system and enjoy hassle-free installation. Watch a sneak peek, dive into our documentation, and connect with the community on Discord. Developed by Five Developments, your gateway to immersive roleplay awaits.


    Video preview down below!

  • QBCore Scripts

    Nopixel 4.0 Inspired | Radial Menu

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    For QBCore

    NoPixel 4.0 Radial Menu

  • ESX Scripts

    NoPixel 4.0 Animation Menu

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    NO PIXEL 4.0 ANIMATION MENU | Have fun with the original script

  • ESX Scripts

    Brutal Yacht Heist

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    If you are looking for a high quality heist for you server you are at the right place. With this heist you can improve the illegal roleplays on your server as these activities can be done with multiple players, and there are four ways to steal money from the yacht.


    • ESX or QBCORE
    • Server Artifacts version must be 5181 or higher.
    • Game build must be 2189 or higher. 
    • Mhacking minigame (found on our docs)
    • Fingerprint hacking minigame  (found on our docs)

      Make sure to:
    • Server license key must be owned by the same account which you make the tebex purchase from.
    • Restart server to gain access to the resource in-game.


    • Supports ESX and QBCORE.
    • oxlib, okokTextUI, ESXTextUI, QBDrawText support.
    • The robbery is sync with every player.
    • Included police alert.
    • Discord logs.
    • Cooldown time between heists.
    • Anybody can join to the heist.
    • Every animation is synced for every player.
    • Map is included
    • Four steal options:  Lockbox drilling, Money trolley loot, Art steal, Stealable props
    • NPC guards
    • Everything configurable
    • Fully Optimalised: 0.00-0.03 ms.
  • ESX Scripts

    AV Vehicleshop [QB,ESX,CF]

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    • Compatible with QBCore, ESX or Custom Framework.
    • Add unlimited shops.
    • Each vehicleshop can have custom categories and stock.
    • Each vehicleshop can use custom money account (money, bank, black_money, etc)
    • You can restrict a shop for VIP only (requires AV VIP 30)
    • Players can preview tuning parts for a vehicle (requires AV Tuning 26)
    • Uses Fivem Escrow System but only the UI is encrypted, you have full access to all framework, database, and some other more functions to make it compatible with your CF.
  • ESX Scripts

    0r TowTruck

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  • ESX Scripts

    CCTV (Map+Script)

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    CCTV Surveillance Camera Script + Map

  • Police Scripts

    Pet & Companion Script [QB + ESX]

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    Explore our comprehensive documentation here: Dusa Docs – General Welcome


    Unleash the possibilities with Dusa!

    • Customize every aspect, from pet-specific settings to action permissions.
    • Elevate your pet’s style with endless fashion combinations.
    • Seamlessly incorporate new clothing options.
    • Engage with your pet through an intuitive action and emote menu.
    • Stay vigilant with pet illnesses management.
    • Efficiently oversee multiple pets via a unified menu.
    • Harness advanced attack controls, directing your pet’s targets.
    • Immerse yourself in interactive props with synchronized location adjustments.
    • Explore our K9 dog section tailored for police roles (Jobs and grades are fully customizable).
    • Enjoy a variety of captivating animations.
    • Expand your experience with addon pet support.
    • Navigate effortlessly through our sleek and optimized Vue.js-based menu.
    • Experience zero idle time and only 0.02ms response time during use.
    • Access the script in six different languages (or add your own): EN/DE/TR/ES/FR/IT.

    Compatibilities & Configuration

    Dusa is designed with your convenience in mind:

    • Seamlessly integrates with QBCore/ESX, eliminating the need for framework configuration.
    • Standalone operation; no additional scripts required (although target usage is recommended).
    • User-friendly configurations cater to customers without coding expertise.
    • Optimal frontend design ensures a smooth and immersive player experience.
  • QBCore Scripts

    Vinewood Sign

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    Free Script of the Month February

    Check out the video down below.

    This script allows you to change the Vinewood Sign to any text you’d like

  • ESX Scripts

    NoPixel Health System

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    For ESX & qbCore

  • QBCore Scripts

    NoPixel 4.0 Inventory (QBCore)

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    This is the official nopixel 4.0 inventory for qbCore Framework

  • ESX Scripts

    Performance Tuning

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    ESX and QBCore (2 in 1)

    Free Script of the Month for January 2023

  • ESX Scripts

    Punch Machine V2

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    Punch Machine Minigame for FiveM.

    Frameworks: QBCore / ESX


    • Minigame: As the power of the punch increases, the mini-game intensifies, providing an exciting and challenging boxing experience.
    • Leaderboard: Compete with other players and rise to the top of the leaderboard by scoring higher points in the punch machine mini-game.
    • Framework: Custom, ESX, or QBCore – choose your preferred framework to run the punch machine script on, depending on your server’s setup and requirements.
    • Synchronized and optimized: Enjoy a smooth and optimized gameplay experience, thanks to the game’s synchronization and optimization features.
    • Automatic punch machine creation: If you specify the coordinates in the configuration file, the punch machine script will be automatically created based on the entered coordinates. You can add multiple coordinates to create multiple punch machine locations for the game.
    • Charge or free to  punch machine: Choose whether to charge players for participating in the punch machine mini-game or offer it for free, depending on your server’s economy and player preferences.
    • Other settings: Configure the game’s key settings, such as dynamic punch strength and language, to offer a personalized and engaging gameplay experience for your players.
  • ESX Scripts


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    a Book Script for ESX and qbCore

  • ESX Scripts

    Truth or Dare Script

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    • Different TD lobbies can be established
    • Command to join the lobby formed by the nearest player
    • A respondent and a questioner are randomly selected from among the participants
    • The answering player chooses between truthfulness or bravery
    • The asking player chooses 1 of the 4 categories and the system randomly asks one of the questions previously set for the category via config.

  • ESX Scripts

    0R-Banking | Nopixel 4.0 Inspired Banking Script

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    NoPixel 4.0 inspired Banking Script

  • ESX Scripts

    [ESX/QB] 0BUG Pause Menu

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    The script is built for both ESX and QBcore at the same time which means you can get both in one script.

    We are thrilled to announce the release of our new product zr-pausemenu, which we believe will revolutionize the design and structure of esc menus. We have put a lot of effort into developing this script and we are excited to share its features with you.

    Here are some of the key features of our pause menu script:

    • Design: The design of that Pause Menu is modern, clean and it has many functions.

     Possibility to Open the Map through the Pause Menu.

     Write your server rules in the Pause Menu to keep it clear for your players.

     Can be used to see the number of players available in every job.

    • Discord Button: You can make new players join your discord by just clicking on the discord button which directs them to your discord server.

     You can Access the GTA Settings.

     Button to leave the server and leave a nice message to your players.

  • FiveM Emotes/Animations

    r_animations – Most advanced fivem animations menu

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    • Walk Styles and Face Expressions saving after relogging.
    • Possibility to one time animation play or in loop mode.
    • Favourite animations saving:
      • List with favourite animations.
      • Possibility to set 6 different sets of favorite animations (5 animations in each set), which can be played by pressing the key.
    • 700+ animations in config by default.
    • Dark and light mode.
    • Full screen and compact mode.
    • Weapon Animations
    • Ability to edit the position of the character during the animation to fit it anywhere.
    • Injured walking style from a certain amount of hp.
    • Animation play with whole body or only upper body.
    • Fully optimized; 0.00-0.01 ms on idle and 0.02-0.03 ms when using playing anim, handsup etc.
    • Synced perfectly between all players and works flawlessly.
    • Built-in ragdoll, crouch, handsup and pointing.
    • Option to combine animations
    • Background blur option
    • Option to play animations in vehicle
    • Shared Animations
    • Exports for animations to use in another scripts
    • Easy to add more animations.


    • mysql-async or oxmysql or ghmattimysql

    Optional Dependecies

    • For QBCORE
      • qb-core
    • For ESX Version
      • ESX Legacy and below. (We are not supporting EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • QBCore Scripts

    Core – Skill System

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    Skill Tree system with Modern UI (Experience, Levels, Skill Points, Abilities)

    for qbCore!

  • ESX Scripts

    FiveM Garage Script (Plus)

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    Eyes FiveM Garage Script

    Special garages for professions can be opened

    Vehicle damage and all minimal damage are recorded

    3D Camera pain and animation

    Various garages (Vehicle, Plane, Boat)

    Responsive theme


  • FiveM Mods


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    We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce the dynamic GFX MDT system to all of you! The GFX Team has poured their heart and soul into crafting a top-notch MDT system that’s here to serve you remarkably well. Get ready, because we’re gearing up to reveal all the exciting details about this in this discussion. And guess what? Our excitement knows no bounds as we’re already hard at work, brewing up some fresh updates for the MDT system!

    You can explore the majority of GFX MDT’s features on the dedicated website we have meticulously designed for your convenience. Through this platform, you can engage with the live tablet interface and gain insights into its functionalities before making a purchase decision.


    • Homepage
      “General Information”: This section presents comprehensive crime rate statistics. You can access daily and cumulative records for created incidents and wanted individuals.
      “Hot Wanted List”: Within this section, you will find the list citizens whose call records have been created in the last three days.
      “On Duty List”: This segment offers detailed profiles of officers currently on duty, along with their real-time locations displayed on the live map.
    • Search Bar
      The search bar facilitates a variety of queries. Users can conduct searches for individuals, vehicles, and records within the tablet interface.
    • User:
      Upon searching for a specific user and accessing their profile, you can view the licenses they hold and update any pertinent evidence related to that individual.
    • Records
      Under the “Record List” section, officers have the ability to generate incident records. These records include information about the responsible officer and allow for the addition of suspects, involved officers, and associated evidence.
    • Wanteds
      In the “Wanted List” area, officers can register wanted suspects, input relevant evidence, draft detailed reports, and assign designations such as “Robber” or “Murderer” to the suspects.
    • Fines
      Within the “Fines List” section, officers can input potential offenses, specifying the offense title and corresponding penalty. Subsequent updates to these offenses can also be made. Note that only officers above a certain rank possess the authority to make such updates and additions.
    • Department
      The “Department” section encompasses active departments, with their respective details on display. Individuals barred from entering specific departments can be registered within this section.
    • Live Map
      The “Live Map” section provides an instantaneous visual representation of officers currently on duty, their locations depicted in real-time on the map.

    •ESX or QB

  • Police Scripts

    Pickle Police Tools (Package)

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    • Helmets
      • Night Vision
      • Thermal Vision
      • Synced Flashlights
    • Shields
      • Comes with two default shields, you can add more.
      • You can aim and use weapons while using a shield.
    • Snakecam
      • Peek inside rooms with a snake camera
      • You can set the distance the camera can go.
    • Panic Button
      • Call for backup by using the /panic command.
      • You can also call for backup by using the item.
      • Requiring the panic item is enabled when the item is.
    • Bodycam
      • Overlay that has real-life time running.
      • Settings auto-save when changed.
    • Emergency Alert System
      • Group & Item Support is available.
      • Text-To-Speech Reading of the Alert Message (due to limitations with CEF, seems that english is the only language supported when speaking, written still works without it).

    Supported Frameworks

    • ESX 1.1+ & Legacy
    • QBCore
    • Standalone
  • Police Scripts

    Pug Coke Job

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    Full QBCore & ESX Compatibility. (supports custom qb-core names and all qb custom file dependency names)




    This completely configurable script consist of:
    ● Full development support and custom script adjustment request support.
    ● Ownable coke lab and business.
    ● Every door is a unique laboratory that can be owned by only the first buyer.
    ● Police raidable coke lab and business.
    ● Very advanced coke plane drug runs (full coke plane run job).
    ● Upgradable coke planes with progression (3 planes pre configured).
    ● Upgradable product creation employees with progression (3 upgrades pre configured).
    ● Upgradable member slots.
    ● Multiple members can run the business together.
    ● Custom Laboratory passwords.
    ● Advanced checks for every feature.
    ● Passive income/drug production.
    ● Option to do multiple drug runs at a time.
    ● Advanced animations and network syncing.
    ● 30 preconfigured lab location doors already placed around the map and very easily changeable.
    ● Database table storing and keeping track of important data and information.
    ● Very extensive config.lua with options to customize everything.
    ● Custom configurable lang system to support multiple languages.
    ● Support for other core names, other target systems and any resource name changes.
    ● Runs at 0.0 ms resmon

    Requirements consist of:
    QBCore OR ESX (other frameworks will work but not supported)
    qb-menu OR ox_lib (ps-ui or any qb-menu resource name changed will work)
    qb-target OR ox_target (any qb-inventory resource name changed will work)
    qb-inventory OR ox_inventory OR qs-inventory (any qb-inventory resource name changed will work)
    4,400 LINES OF CODE

  • Police Scripts


    Rated 0 out of 5
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    ESX & QBCore!

    ​Full QBCore & ESX Compatibility. (supports custom qb-core names and all qb custom file dependency names)

    This script is partially locked using escrow encryption. 90% of the script is accessible in client/open.lua, server/server.lua, and config.lua

    This completely configurable script consist of:
    ● Full development support and custom script adjustment request support.
    ● Advanced methods of making sure the vehicles NEVER poof unlike other vehicle related scripts.
    ● 380 different vehicle pickup locations already configured and all changeable.
    ● 65 pre configured cars to steal or the option to used any vehicle in QBCore.Shared (blackisted boats,air,police).
    ● 8 pre configured locations to chop down a vehicle.
    ● Incredibly balanced unlock progression already configured and can be changed.
    ● Uses configurable polyzones to setup unlimited different garage areas.
    ● Group activity that benefit with the more players that are involved.
    ● Upgradable welding bench you use to break down car parts and make money.
    ● Upgradable garage member slots.
    ● Upgradable garage vehicle storage.
    ● Upgradable item storage.
    ● Random Rare item drops.
    ● Custom Crafting tables that require progression and unlocks to craft things.
    ● custom arcade machine obtained through progression to play minigames.
    ● Custom animations, cutscenes, camera work, and sound effects all configurable.
    ● Custom welding bench to break down parts stolen from cars.
    ● Database table storing and keeping track of important data and information.
    ● Very extensive config.lua with options to customize everything.
    ● Custom configurable lang system to support multiple languages.
    ● Support for other core names, other target systems and any resource name changes.
    ● Runs at 0.0 ms resmon

    Requirements/Dependencies consist of:
    QBCore OR ESX (other frameworks will work but not supported)
    qb-menu OR ox_lib (ps-ui or any qb-menu resource name changed will work)
    qb-target OR ox_target (any qb-inventory resource name changed will work)

    Not required but default supported:
    ps-ui. Small changes will be required for the arcade machine if you are not using ps-ui

  • ESX Scripts

    0R-Vehiceshops – Fivem Vehicleshops and Interior Map

    Rated 0 out of 5
    28.11 Add to cart


    Vehicle comparison;
    Price discount feature from Config;
    Play random music when gallery opens
    The ability to rent a car and extend the duration of your rented car
    Payment options by cash, black money, bank
    Vehicle testing feature
    Vehicle license plate customization (Can be turned off from config)
    You can choose the framework from the config: ESX or QB

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