qbCore Framework (FiveM)

QBCore (formerly named QBus), is a roleplay framework for FiveM. It is based on and very similar to ESX.

Our website offers the download of qbCore, as well as qbcore mods for the framework. Enjoy!

Information about qbCore

What is qbCore?

qbCore is our framework, built for FiveM servers.

Join our thriving qbCore Framework community! We’re passionate about sharing our collective efforts and fostering collaboration. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, our mission is to simplify qbCore script usage. Stay tuned for an abundance of valuable content, comprehensive readme files, and informative wikis as we continue to expand and evolve.

qbCore Tutorials

Full qbcore server packs

Click & go | easy to install. This is the easiest way to start with qbCore

qbCore Mods

Features of qbCore Framework

  1. No Database Dependency: QBcore framework eliminates the need for a database for static data like items, jobs, vehicles, etc.

  2. Database Integration: It utilizes MySQL2 (oxmysql) for efficient data management.

  3. Expandable Player Metadata: Provides easy access to player metadata, allowing for extensive customization and expansion.

  4. Rich Script Library: Offers an extensive collection of scripts designed to enhance roleplay interactions.

  5. Modern Scripting Practices: Adheres to up-to-date scripting practices tailored for the FiveM platform.

  6. Continuous Development: Actively maintained with a commitment to incorporating community feedback.

  7. Responsive Issue Management: Regularly reviews and addresses issues and pull requests from the community.

  8. Easy Setup: Simplified installation through txAdmin Remote URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qbcore-framework/txAdminRecipe/main/qbcore.yaml (2.3k downloads).

  9. Video Setup Guide: A comprehensive installation guide by community member @Fronk_Donk on YouTube (1.8k views).

  10. Multi-Language Support: Provides scripts with multiple language translations for broader accessibility.

  11. And Much More: Offers a wide range of additional features and functionalities to enhance your FiveM experience.

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