Flamethrower Script (Free)

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  1. Drag flamethrower_WildBrick142 into your resource folder.
  2. Put the following in your ‘server.cfg’ –
  3. start flamethrower_WildBrick142

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NOTE: If using ESX 1.x (it may be different or similar for 2.x) you will need to do 2 more steps (both steps are required not just 1 of them). Not sure if there is something similar to these steps for VRP or vrp-ex as I don’t use either of them.
P.S. –These steps assume you are using the EN/US locale (if you aren’t you will have to adapt it for your own region).

  1. Add the following line to the es_extended/config.weapons.lua file (anywhere in the file just has to be there somewhere on its own line)
	{name = 'WEAPON_FLAMETHROWER', label = _U('weapon_flamethrower'), components = {}},
  1. Add the following line to the es_extended/locales/en.lua file (again like above anywhere in the file just has to be on its own line and make sure to put a comma at the end of the line)
 ['weapon_flamethrower'] = 'Flamethrower',                                                 

  1. Now you can give yourself the weapon assuming you know how to use the /giveweapon command (not going to explain that one, you will have to look it up like I did).

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