EF Phone (qbcore)

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Presenting the EF-Phone script for QB-Core framework, inspired by the sleek design of the iPhone 14. It offers a user-friendly interface with handy features for game players.

The script includes a fingerprint lockscreen for added security and supports popular payment apps like PayPal and Paytm for in-game transactions. Stay connected with friends and community through apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, and phone calls.

With Google Maps integration, players can easily navigate the game world, and the garage app allows for convenient vehicle management. The EF-Phone script also offers services like email and more, providing a seamless and immersive experience for game players.



  • qb-core
  • qb-policejob – MEOS, handcuff check etc.
  • qb-crypto – Crypto currency trading
  • qb-lapraces – Creating routes and racing
  • qb-houses – House and Key Management App
  • qb-garages – For Garage App
  • qb-banking – For Banking App
  • screenshot-basic – For Taking Photos
  • A Webhook for hosting photos (Discord or Imgur can provide this)


  • Lockscreen feature
  • Garages app to view vehicle details
  • Email notifications for players
  • Banking app to check balance and transfer money
  • MEOS app for police searches
  • Houses app for property details and management
  • Job Centre
  • Google Maps
  • Paytm for quick payments using player ID

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