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    FiveM Standalone Scripts

    SA:MP Inspired Nametags

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    Hello, today we have prepared an SA:MP Inspired Nametags Script V2 for you. Compared to V1, there are a lot of new features and the legendary meet system. Besides that, the config is very much elaborated and everything is customizable. You can make many edits to the script via config.lua 

    You can also get information about script installation and other features on GitBook.

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    FiveM Mods

    0r Chat V2

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    FiveM Chat Script


    Photo sharing feature in chat

    Spotify Music Features

    Filter chat messages, hotbar

    You can roll dice, play rock-paper-scissors.

    You can edit the chat with the Settings menu

    Your name is hidden when wearing a mask

    Turn notifications on/off

    You can change the color of names and add tags in front of your name.

    private chat channels like darkchat, yellowpages, police, ems.

    special design for money, job commands

    Emoji tab

    Players can change their OOC/ME/DO design.

    You can change the chat position.

    You can add unique pictures to your Me/Do designs.

    You can turn on music.

    Detailed config file.  

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    Police Scripts


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    This is a beautiful chat system that will please the eyes of your players.


  • ESX Scripts

    Custom Chat Script

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    Chatbox style for FiveM servers

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