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  • Loading screen

    KS Loadingscreen

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    The most advanced loading screen script for your FiveM server, with a templates system so you can change the design from time to time without buying new script!

    This resource is standalone (you can use it with any framework)

    The most advanced all in one loading screen for your FiveM server!

    1. What is the features of ks-loadingscreen ?

    • Templates: It’s like having all the loading screens that you want in one single scripts, the version 1.0 of ks-loadingscreen comes with 3 different templates that you can switch between them from time to time, and we will add new templates in the future based on what designs our customers want.
    • Background Music: You can choose any music for your loading screen.
    • Background Video: You can have you own video in the background and you also disable the video sound and add a custom music.
    • Social Links: You can add your discord, website or any other link to the loading screen.
    • Music Volume: You can change the volume of the background music.
    • Staff team: You can add your staff team to the loading screen with their roles and avatars, and you can also set a custom color for them.
    • Server Information’s: You can add all the info, rules and updates about your server.
    • Config file: you can change anything in the loading screen from the config file.
  • ESX Scripts

    Lab Crew System

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    Features in the Crew Menu

    The entire system can be changed easily via config.
    Announcements shared by people who have authority in Crew
    Chat area where crew members can talk
    You can invite players to your crew
    You can give the Authorizations you created to your members.
    Crew-exclusive Inventory system
    Crew-exclusive Garage system
    Garage and Inventory crew specific password setting system
    Ability to change your Crew Color as you wish (GPS color, Map Color, etc.)
    Ability to create new Authorization groups and add features to them.
    Ability to send war invitations and peace invitations to another crew
    While at war, you can capture the areas of the person you are at war with.
    You can spray an unlimited number of times.
    “Hold The Corner” (drug selling system) Earn additional money if you do it in your own captured area
    “Hold The Corner” (drug selling system) If you perform the action in the crew area where you are the enemy, you will earn a negative amount of money.
    Special GPS system for your crew, so you can easily see the location of your friends.
    Where it is owned, it is indicated in which crew it is in the text at the bottom right.
    All systems are updated and work instantly.
    Provides 0.04-0.02ms of consumption

    for qbCore & ESX

  • ESX Scripts

    Vehicle Registration Script

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    :crystal_ball: Features

    • Players can now buy and sell license plates directly from each other (or buy randomly generated ones), fostering a vibrant marketplace within your server.
    • “JobOnly” option – only players with specific job can register vehicles, this option can be disabled.
    • Give your law enforcement a new job which they will never get bored of.
    • Vehicles bought from Car Dealership comes with no registration.
    • Plates starting with “NOREG…” are strictly non-negotiable, making other unique plates even more sought after.
    • With our script, players can easily buy and sell license plates among themselves. Say goodbye to limited options and hello to a thriving marketplace where creativity knows no bounds.
    • Plate types:
      • Regular – Randomly generated for a surprise element
      • Luxury – Unleash your creativity with the “Luxury” plates, where you can input custom plates.
    • When a player purchases plates, the script automatically deducts the required funds and seamlessly adds the acquired plates to their database. No hassle, no delays—just immediate gratification.
    • As soon as a player sells a plate, our script automatically removes the sold plates and replaces them with fresh “NOREG…” plates, instantly crediting the player with the proceeds.
    • In the config file you can easily setup:
      • Regular Plates:
        • Letters Length
        • Numbers Length
        • Using space between letters and numbers?
        • Price
      • Luxury Plates:
        • Price
      • Price for selling owned plates
      • Blips (label, id, scale, color)
      • Markers (coords, type, color)
      • Ped (model, coords)
      • Full job translation
      • Accessing the menu for registering a vehicle
    • Protected against cheaters
    • Clean & Responsive UI
    • Optimized
    • ESX version
    • Lifetime Support
    • Full & Easy Translation
  • ESX Scripts

    LS Inventory V2

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    Open Source.

    :palm_tree: Some Significant Features:

    Diverse Array of Designs
    Every inventory design carries a distinct set of features. Imagine navigating through a multitude of outfits in one, or pinpointing your location on a map in another!

    Clothing System
    Use clothing as items and switch between pre-set outfits on the fly.

    Item Tooltips
    Hover over items to view their details. In other designs, you can even inspect weapon attachments!

    Customization at its Best
    Empower your players to personalize inventory background, health, armor colors, sounds, and even the overall design itself. Offer an unparalleled experience.

    No need for players to individually inspect their inventories anymore! Simultaneously, players can edit their inventories, and changes are visible to everyone.

    Crafting within the inventory allows item creation and provides a glimpse into your crafted history.

    Weapon Accessories
    Immerse in 3D weapon accessory editing and live previews.

    Item Appearances
    Witness items on players’ backs, carried around, or even items left on the ground – all visualized.

    Bestow each item with a unique rarity, rewarding players with exclusive finds.

    Leverage inventory metadata to infuse items with distinct attributes. For example, every motel or vehicle key could have a unique identification number.

    Inventory Sounds
    Elevate the inventory experience through integrated sound effects.

    Integrate item decay over time, adding a layer of realism to the inventory.

  • ESX Scripts

    S1N – Marketplace (Blackmarket, Auctions, Vehicle/Item selling…)

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    What are the features ?

    • Add /Edit /Delete a product (this could be an inventory item or a vehicle)
    • As as seller you can advertise a product
    • View your sales
    • There is a Product auction system (make offers with time limit)
    • Sales notifications
    • Also available in a blackmarket version for illegal jobs (the red one) with blackmoney
    • Marker and blips for positions
    • Optimized
    • Highly advanced configuration
    • Logs with Discord Webhooks
  • ESX Scripts

    AN Mechanic Job for FiveM [ESX & QBCore]

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    ESX & qbCore!


    An advanced and realistic Mechanic Job that will add a lot of fun and roleplay potential to your server.


    • :package: Stash, Crafting and Storage system
    • :hammer_and_wrench: Incredible set of useless items
    • :toolbox: Diagnose vehicles in the garage or out of the garage using a toolbox
    • :mechanic:t2: Repair vehicles in the repair areas ( car lifts ) or using a carjack
    • :wrench: Items for civilians ( Repair Kit & Advanced Repair Kit )
    • :oncoming_automobile: Mechanic Garage with customizable vehicles
    • :hammer: Crafting System
    • :computer: Unique and Custom Boss Menu
    • :sparkles: Fully Optimized Code ( server/client side )
    • :unlock: This resource is fully unlocked ( No obfuscation or IP-lock )


    • ESX or QBCore
  • FiveM Standalone Scripts

    AN Kill-Feed (Valorant Inspired Kill Feed)

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    This is a Standalone Script for your FiveM server.

    Kill-Feed – shows kills like in Valorant

  • ESX Scripts

    AN Interaction Menu (GTA 6 Inspired Interaction Menu)

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    How to install:
    1. Copy an_interMenu and an_interNPC to your resources folder.

    2. Add these to your server.cfg or resources.cfg
    > start an_interMenu
    > start an_interNPC

    3. Go to an_interNPC/config.lua and configure it to match with your framework.

    Enjoy your new GTA 6 Inspired FiveM server.

    For ESX (new, legacy) & qbCore

  • FiveM Mods

    Cylex Pause Menu

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    You can see the character’s name, surname, job, gender and date of birth from the menu.
    You can see the time and date played from the top left
    Access the map and settings via buttons.

    You can edit any text in the menu via config.
    Fully responsive design (4k included)
    Multiple language support.
    Easy to use and customize.
    Legacy ESX, NEW ESX, Legacy QB and NEW QB Supported.
    Low resmon (0.01ms)

  • ESX Scripts

    Fuel Station Plus

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    Fuelstation Script for ESX

    Now you can see which vehicle is getting gas from you.

    Checking company information, checking your finances, checking your total earnings, checking the gasoline in your tanker tank, checking how many people shop from you, etc.

    System to increase the gas level: There are 3 levels in total, as your level increases, your tanker tank will increase. You can check your gas level.

    You cannot fill the tank of the tanker with a vehicle other than the tanker vehicle.

    You can now recruit workers to your company.

    After buying a gas station, it will show you around the gas station with animation.

    A page has been created where you can view and recruit employees in your company

    The workers you hire to your company can do other jobs as well. The gas station has its own worker system.Only company owners can add and remove workers.

    If there is no owner of the gas station, you cannot buy gas there.You can’t buy a gas station that owns it.If you have a gas station, you cannot get another gas station.

    You can change the name of your gas station.

    You can withdraw the money from the safe of your gas station.

    You can transfer your company to an employee

  • ESX Scripts

    Trygon HUD v2

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    A great, minimalistic and futuristic HUD.

    Check out the video and the images.

    qbCore & ESX version All In One

  • ESX Scripts

    DarkNet Script

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    For ESX & qbCore. Both versions included.


    See the config file on our documentation:

    • Advanced DarkNet System is a script that introduces various criminal activities and services to enhance the gameplay experience on the server.
    • Player-Initiated Assassinations: Players have the ability to order targeted assassinations on specific individuals within the server. This feature allows players to place contracts on other players and execute the assigned kills.
    • Illegal Market: The script incorporates an illegal market where players can browse through a range of items available for sale. Each item is accompanied by an image, name, description, and price. These details are easily configurable within the script’s configuration file.
    • Target System or Text UI: The script provides options for players to interact with the script either through a target system (eye) or a text-ui with markers. Developers can choose their preferred interaction method by adjusting the configuration settings.
    • Blips: Developers can toggle the visibility of blips associated with the DarkNet activities on the map.
    • Assignments and Services: Players can undertake assigned tasks and services to earn money within the game. Currently, the script includes two assignments and one service, but developers have the option to create additional tasks and services with our assistance if needed.
    • Transport Theft: Players can engage in car theft activities, steal vehicles, and deliver them to the junkyard for monetary rewards. The script offers the flexibility to perform these actions either through the target system or a show UI with markers.
    • Configurable Vehicle Deletion: Developers can choose whether stolen vehicles should be immediately removed from the owner’s database or not.
    • Job-Specific Transport Theft: The script supports the option to restrict vehicle theft activities to specific jobs, providing developers with the ability to limit these actions to certain jobs.
  • ESX Scripts

    Wais Multicharacter

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    For ESX!

    Check the images (and video) for more information.

  • ESX Scripts

    Family / Gang System (ESX)

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    Area capture system with PolyZone.

    Specially designed family interface.

    Spaces for creating or joining a family.

    Family chat system.

    Market and stock system within the family interface.

    Purchasable f6 family menu system.

    Portable garage and inventory system in the family area.

    In-game space creation system for admins

  • ESX Scripts

    0r CarControl

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    Standalone / qbCore / ESX

    Car Control Script for FiveM

  • ESX Scripts

    CodeV Casino

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    You do not need to select QB or ESX in the packages, whichever is running will be automatically selected when the script is started.

  • ESX Scripts

    Brutal Banking (ESX/QB)

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    Our bank system can be a good choose for every RP server. It is created to serve the players with functions like partner management system to make the transfers faster and easier. With our sub-account system you can create multiple accounts and you can add other players to it, to make societies life easier.


    • ESX or QBCORE (All version)
    • Server Artifacts version must be 5848 or higher.
    • Game build must be 2189 or higher. 

      Make sure to:
    • Server license key must be owned by the same account which you make the tebex purchase from.
    • Restart server to gain access to the resource in-game.


    • Transfer to offline people
    • Sub-account system (you can add people to it with rangs)
    • You can set a daily limit to people in your sub-account
    • Discord logs
    • Group transfer
    • Partner system
    • Changeable panel theme and color
    • ATMs placed automatically
    • NUI is compatible with any screens
    • Easy to translate the menu
    • Fully Optimalised: 0.00-0.02 ms.
  • FiveM Emotes/Animations

    Animation Menu (Custom Emotes, Dances, Sync Animations, ERP Animations)

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    Check out the video.


    • You can translate any text on menu via config.
    • Fully responsive design (even 4k)
    • Multiple language support.
    • Easy to use and customize.
    • Standalone, so Old ESX, NEW ESX, Old QB and NEW QB Supported.
    •  Low resmon (0.00ms)


    • You can add/remove any animation you want via config.
    • If you have used dpEmotes or rpEmotes before, you can drag&drop the config in that script directly to this script.


    It comes with “scully_emotemenu” animations from github.

    If you want to get more custom animations for paid, you can contact me on discord.

  • ESX Scripts

    Nintendo Switch v2 (ESX)

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    Nintendo Switch for ESX

  • ESX Scripts

    Card Game Script

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    A Card Game you can play on your server! 🙂 Have fun


  • ESX Scripts

    VIP Mechanic Job [QBCore & ESX]

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    An advanced and realistic Mechanic Job that will add a lot of fun and roleplay potential to your server.


    • :package: Stash, Crafting and Storage system
    • :hammer_and_wrench: Incredible set of useless items
    • :toolbox: Diagnose vehicles in the garage or out of the garage using a toolbox
    • :mechanic:t2: Repair vehicles in the repair areas ( car lifts ) or using a carjack
    • :wrench: Items for civilians ( Repair Kit & Advanced Repair Kit )
    • :oncoming_automobile: Mechanic Garage with customizable vehicles
    • :hammer: Crafting System
    • :computer: Unique and Custom Boss Menu
    • :sparkles: Fully Optimized Code ( server/client side )
    • :unlock: This resource is fully unlocked ( No obfuscation or IP-lock )
  • ESX Scripts

    FiveM Gamepad Script

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    ESX version, you can convert to qbcore easily


    1. Game Selection: Browse a wide selection of games on the main page of the STG Gamut Script. Choose from various game genres to suit your preferences.
    2. Single Player Games: Enjoy solo gaming experiences with a range of single-player games available on the platform. Whether you’re looking for action, adventure, or puzzles, there’s something for everyone.
    3. Online Multiplayer Games: Connect and compete with other players from around the world in online multiplayer games. Challenge your friends or make new ones while engaging in thrilling gaming sessions.
    4. Interactive Design: The script offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes navigation a breeze. Easily find and launch your favorite games with just a few clicks.
    5. Diverse Game Library: Explore a diverse collection of games to cater to all gaming tastes. From casual to hardcore gamers, there are options for all skill levels.
    6. Discord Support: If you have any questions or need assistance, visit our Discord page for dedicated customer support. We’re here to help and ensure you have a seamless gaming experience.
    7. Continuous Updates: STG Gamut Script is regularly updated to provide you with new games and features, ensuring that your gaming experience remains fresh and exciting.
    8. Community Engagement: Join our community of gamers to share tips, strategies, and experiences. Connect with fellow gamers who share your passion.

    Enhance your gaming server experience with the STG Gamut Script. Whether you want to enjoy some solo gaming or challenge friends in multiplayer matches, our script has you covered. Explore our diverse game library, receive support through Discord, and stay engaged with a vibrant gaming community. Start your gaming journey today!

  • ESX Scripts

    FiveM Apple Watch Script (ESX)

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    Apple Watch for FiveM, has apps for your wrist!

  • Police Scripts

    Advanced Police Job – ESX

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    Police Interactions​

    • Cuffing
      – You can Hardcuff & Softcuff Players.
      – When someone is handcuffed, they will have a physical handcuff item visible on their character.
      – When Hardcuffed, your hands will be behind your back.
      – Softcuffed your hands will be infront of you.
    • Escorting
      – When you’re escorting someone, you’ll do the animation of holding their arm, like you’re ACTUALLY physically escorting them. While doing so, the players legs will move instead of just hovering/floating.
    • Put in / Out vehicle
      – Not shown in the video (sorry) but you can put someone in / out of a vehicle with the following commands
      – /piv (Put In Vehicle) will put a player into a vehicle. Supports putting multiple people in the same vehicle (Up to three people)
      – /out (… Out!) will take a player out of said vehicle.
    • Dragging
      – /drag will drag someone. Pressing S will move you backwards.
      – You can drag people who are alive / dead (WOW! /s)
    • Billing
      – /bill ID amount will bill the player for X. ALL funds will go into the police society fund.

    Police Job Menu​

    • View Roster – Will show all police officers (as well as those off duty)
      – You can see their callsign, name, and rank here.
      – Callsigns – Unique identifiers for each officer. These can be changed as people are promoted/demoted. (Use case later down).
      – Promote/Demote – Pretty straightforward.
      – Fire (Also… straightforward)
      – Hire New Officer – Enter in the Players ID, and whala. They’re hired. Like Magic. WOW.

    Prop Interaction & Items​

    • Props
      – Cones – Placeable Cones (Need to be added to your armory)
      – Barricades – Same deal as Cones, add them to your armory.
    • Items
      – Riot Shields – (Not shown in video, sorry!) – Equip a Riot Shield with a pistol (Equip the pistol THEN use the riot shield). Will protect you from Bullets, the collision can be a little OP and push cars, so use responsibly!!
      – PD Cam – Set up a Spy cam ANYWHERE in the world. Simply use, position (The red line will be the cameras POV, and press E to place. Give your Camera a name, and view by going into the survelience room on the second floor.
      – I’ve already included cameras set up for the Banks & Jewelry Store. You can add more cameras to help in stake outs, other heists, and pretty much anything your heart desires to help further your police RP.
      – Vehicle Cam – Set up a Spy cam in ANY VEHICLE. Go into the Survelience room on the second floor to view / remove.
      – Finger Print Kit – Collect Fingerprints from vehicles (if they are wearing gloves, no fingerprints)
      – Evidence Bag – View collected evidence (needs to be processed before you get any info)
      – DNA Swab – Collect DNA from any player to be entered as evidence.

    Evidence System​

    • Built in Evidence System
      – Collect bullet casings from dead bodies – When analyzed, these will reveal what caliber gun and the location of where it was collected.
      – Blood Samples – When someone is seriously wounded, they’ll leave behind a blood pool that you can collect. When Analyzed, it can be compared to any DNA Matches you’ve got from swabs.
      – Fingerprints – Collect Fingerprints from Cars (OR FROM ANY ROBBERY, OR DOOR YOU SET UP USING A SIMPLE EVENT!) When Analyzed, can be compared to any Fingerprint matches in the system.
      – Fingerprint (AT PD) – When processing criminals, take them into the processing room and alt-menu the desk to fingerprint them and add them into the system.
      – For more on the Evidence System, check out this video 16


    • Dispatch Interactions
      – With the dispatch job (or as a police) interact with the computers on the first floor to access the dispatch menu
      – From here, you can view ALL ACTIVE DUTY POLICE OFFICERS.
      – Send DIRECT messages to specific officers
      – Send GPS WAYPOINTS to specific officers
      – Adds another avenue of RP for players seeking the law enforcement lifestyle without the dangers of the job.

    Duty / Blips​

    • On/OffDuty
      – Going offduty will remove your blip from other officers (duh)
      – Going onduty will add your blip to other officers. Each Blip shown WILL ALSO SHOW CALL SIGN.
      – Great for knowing which officers are responding to what scene, etc.
      – Color Coded Blips – Give each blip it’s own unique color to easily identify cadets, officers, the chief, etc.
      – Supports adding blips for EMS by default


    – AUTOMATIC RESTOCK – When going ON Duty, you will automatically be restocked of any items you don’t have or don’t have enough of. (Configurable)
    – You can add ANY Item, ANY Amount, and for WHATEVER COST, you choose.
    – The money comes out of the Police Fund directly.

    Firing Range​

    • Get familiar with your Arsenal
      – Add different weapons via the Config.
      – Supports Static & Moving targets.
      – Static Targets are set at 5 / 10 / 20 Meters/
      – Once the target disapears, you will get a score depending on the amount of damage you’ve done.


    – My goal here was to make EVERYTHING INSIDE PD FUNCTIONAL.
    – You can sit at EVERY Chair inside PD.
    – The Break Room Refridgerator can provide food/water for any Police Officer (Config)
    – Grab fire extinguishers straight off the wall to avoid adding excess to your armory
    – Storage Lockers / Clothing Change. Interact at the lockers to do either. Using a different inventory or c lothing script? No problem, supports adding YOUR OWN EXPORTS. Currently set up for Ox Inv / Fivem-apprance.
    – SHOWER to remove any BLOOD from your enemies (or friends)
    – Wash hands cause it’s gross not doing it

    – RAPPEL out of Helicopters (polmav)
    – When in the back seats, press X to Rappel from the helicopter.

  • Loading screen

    Eyes Loading Screen

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    A modern looking loadingscreen for your server

  • ESX Scripts

    Grand RP VIP System

    Rated 0 out of 5
    60.56 Add to cart

    a VIP System For ESX!


    • You can earn coins as you spend time in the game. If you buy Prime or platinum, the amount of coins you earn will increase.
    • You can configure Prime or Platinum as one-time or subscription.
    • Special discounts for Prime and platinum subscribers. You can easily set discounts from Config.
    • You can buy or rent vehicles unlimitedly.
    • You can get in-game vip with Tebex payment method
    • Easily editable config
    • You can set vehicle,coin or item background color is the config

    This script will probably make your server VERY profitable!!!

  • QBCore Scripts

    Advanced Health System

    Rated 0 out of 5
    34.60 Add to cart

    Advanced Health (and Disease) System

    for qbCore & ESX


    It works independently of the ambulance script. You can use your own ambulance script, there will be no problem.

    The script is designed to treat the player according to the limb they were hit by.

    We designed the script to add realism to the game!

    When you are hit, a hud will briefly appear on the left side of the screen showing where you were hit.

    Different treatments and items are required depending on the severity of the injury. (Minor, Medium, Critical)

    Also many features can be set via config.

    For example, fast healing of all wounds, activation/deactivation

    Bleeding on impact active/deactive

    Damage multiplier, Damage Value

    How many seconds of damage will be inflicted

    Health regen active/deactive

    Activate/deactivate skillbar for treatment

    Removing hits when player is revived active/deactive

    All animations and localizations

  • QBCore Scripts

    FPS Boost / Crosshair

    Rated 0 out of 5
    22.71 Add to cart

    for QBCORE


  • ESX Scripts

    Leaderboard (ESX/QB)

    Rated 0 out of 5
    33.52 Add to cart

    • Leaderboard data is updated instantly in-game.
    • This script is standalone but according to your skin script you may need to edit the open file with your skin datas. You have the responsibility to edit this.
    • You have to set a steamwebapi_key for images or images will be displayed as default image.
    • TOP 3 is displayed on the platform with the player’s character, separate for killing and dying.
    • The leaderboard contains the player’s own information and the rankings of other players.

  • FiveM MLO

    Office in Vinewood MLO

    Rated 0 out of 5
    17.30 Add to cart

    2 warehouses, 8 rooms, 3 corridors, and customizable logo. Good choice for your new company in roleplay world.

  • FiveM MLO

    Pillbox Hospital VIP

    Rated 0 out of 5
    49.75 Add to cart

    Introducing Pillbox Hospital, completely redesigned with a modern and spacious layout.
    Here are the available rooms and more
    1 Cafeteria
    1 Chief’s Office
    1 Staff Cafeteria
    2 Consultation Rooms
    1 Rehabilitation Room
    1 Men’s Restroom
    1 Women’s Restroom with Baby Change Facility
    1 Cloakroom1 MRI Room
    1 MRI Monitoring Room
    1 Radio Room
    1 Radio Monitoring Room
    2 Operating Rooms
    1 Morgue
    1 Asylum Room
    1 Dentist Room
    1 Bedroom with 1 Bed
    1 Bedroom with 2 Beds
    1 Bedroom with 5 Beds
    1 Meeting Room
    1 Laboratory
    1 Archives Room

    More Infos :
    Ambiances sounds
    Custom doors sounds
    Presets for IRM and Radio

    We are thrilled to announce that the Pillbox Hospital MLO is now fully optimized for FPS performance. With an RTX 3070 graphics card, playing on ultra settings and utilizing the NVE graphical mod, you can expect a smooth gaming experience with FPS ranging between 100 and 180. Enjoy the stunning visuals and immersive gameplay that our optimized MLO delivers. Upgrade your hospital experience today !

    IMPORTANTS INFORMATIONS : After the purchase of the MLO, no refunds will be accepted. Therefore, we kindly remind you to exercise caution when making the purchase. Before proceeding, please take the time to evaluate your needs and ensure that you are selecting the right product. It is important to note that once the resources have been transferred to you, we will be unable to provide refunds or revoke them.

  • QBCore Scripts

    Workplace Script

    Rated 0 out of 5
    20.54 Add to cart

    Rental center where you can rent your workplaces on your server for 30 days.
    Here you can view the workplaces and rent them for 30 days.
    You can easily edit everything (images, descriptions, prices, names, coordinates, workplace sizes), you can easily add and remove workplaces.
    You can view the money on you and in the bank from the menu.
    The business centers you purchased are deleted after 30 days. When job centers are deleted, the occupations of you and all employees in your company are automatically changed to unemployed.
    You can hire new workers or fire your workers.

    If you try to rent a place that owns it, you won’t be able to rent it.
    If you have a workplace, you cannot rent another place.
    You cannot hire a new company if you do not have enough money.

    Note :
    Occupations are not included in the script. You can simply add your own professions, just write the job name. If you can’t, you can contact me.

  • QBCore Scripts

    Weed System (DebuX)

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    Premium Weed Script

    **We are here with one of the best systems with Weed Enhancement on Fivem!**

    -Weed team can grow them live live instantly

    -Weed grows and develops completely according to your care

    -Responsive ve modern UI

    -Can you track the situation with instant logs

    -Multiple seeds can be planted in a row and weed can be developed, you can set how many weeds can be grown at the same time with config

    -Harvesting processes are according to the size of the weed, how many times the size of the leaf is set in the config.

    -How much effect the food given to the weed will have can be adjusted with the config (example 1 water fills 10% water bar)

    -Blips can be disabled and multiple fields can be added.

    -How fast the plant grows is set by configuration

    -Highly optimized operation (idle 0.01ms)


  • QBCore Scripts

    Mechanic Tuner Script (DebuX)

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    Detail Config 

    – Pricing etc. everything is configurable

    – New mechanics may be added

    – Language can be customized

    – Settings can be configured


  • Police Scripts

    Lyra Billing

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    For QBCore

    Billing System script for police on FiveM. With this resource, police officers can issue invoices to players for crimes committed in-game, such as traffic violations or property damage. This adds a new level of realism and accountability to your roleplaying scenarios. The script is customizable, allowing you to set different fees and penalties for different crimes.

  • QBCore Scripts

    wais eHUD (qbCore)

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    Read the images for more information 🙂

  • ESX Scripts

    Wais HUD V5 (ESX/QB)

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    ESX & qbCore!

    Check the images for description

  • ESX Scripts

    LAB HUD (remastered)

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    Lab-hud is here with its renewed version. It is now responsive and bug fixed.


  • FiveM Standalone Scripts


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    The Fingerprint Scanner Script is a new addition to your FiveM server that allows players to scan their fingerprints and generate a unique ID. The script also displays information about nearby players. With its unique features, the Fingerprint Scanner Script is a must-have for any FiveM server looking to enhance its gameplay experience.

    Features :star:

    1. Supports almost all frameworks and can be configured for any framework
    2. Modern UI + Responsive to all screen resolutions
    3. Scans the fingerprints and retrieves information
    4. History tab to display the 5 most recent scanned data
    5. Synced UI between Players
    6. Prop Animations and Sound Effects
    7. Easy to use with other scripts
    8. Highly Configurable config
    9. Language Editor
    10. Includes an auto-update checker to notify you of updates
    11. Highly optimized for performance at all times [0.0ms]
    12. For More Features Check Config + Watch Preview
  • ESX Scripts

    Venice Report v2

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    For ESX / qbCore

    Venice Report v2 ESX QB

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