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FiveM Framework Comparison: ESX / qbCore / vRP

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The modding scene for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has been buzzing lately, all thanks to FiveM, a cool multiplayer modding framework that’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the game. With FiveM, server owners can create their own awesome RP experiences. And when it comes to frameworks, there are four big players in the game: ESX vs qbcore vs vRP!

So let’s take a deep dive into these frameworks, comparing them and giving you all the deets, so you can make the best choice for your server.

ESX Framework

ESX, also known as EssentialMode Extended, is an enduring and prominent framework in the FiveM community. Its extensive feature set and well-established community support have made it a go-to choice for many server owners.


  • Robust Documentation and Support: ESX boasts comprehensive documentation and an active community, ensuring server owners and developers have access to ample resources and support.
  • Rich Ecosystem: A multitude of ESX resources and scripts, both official and community-created, cater to various needs, from inventory systems to job frameworks and economy management.
  • Customization Options: ESX’s flexibility allows server owners to tailor the framework to suit their specific RP concept.
  • Built-in Features: ESX ships with a plethora of built-in features, providing a solid foundation for server development.
  • Regular Updates: The community-driven development ensures regular updates and maintenance.


  • Complexity: ESX’s comprehensive feature set can overwhelm newcomers, necessitating a steeper learning curve.
  • Resource Intensive: The framework’s richness can be resource-intensive, potentially impacting server performance.
  • Homogeneity: Some argue that ESX servers tend to offer similar gameplay experiences unless extensively customized.

qbCore Framework

qbcore has been making substantial waves in the FiveM community for its simplicity and adaptability. It presents server owners with a clean slate upon which to build unique RP experiences.


  • User-Friendly: qbcore’s user-friendly nature appeals to both server owners and developers, particularly those new to FiveM.
  • Resource Efficiency: As a lightweight framework, qbcore places fewer demands on server resources, enhancing performance.
  • Modularity: Its modular structure permits easy customization and integration of additional features.
  • Active Development: qbcore continues to evolve with ongoing development efforts.
  • Community Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide array of community-created resources.


  • Feature Set: qbcore may lack some advanced features found in more established frameworks like ESX.
  • Smaller Community: As a newer framework, qbcore’s community is smaller, which may result in fewer available resources and scripts.
  • Simplicity: The simplicity of qbcore may not suit server owners seeking complex and diverse gameplay experiences.

vRP Framework (deprecated)

vRP, also known as vRoleplay, was once a trailblazing framework in the FiveM RP scene, offering a distinct approach to roleplaying with a dedicated following.


  • Unique Experience: vRP is celebrated for providing a unique and immersive RP experience, focusing on storytelling and player immersion.
  • Customization: It offers high levels of customization with a focus on dynamic character creation and realistic economics.
  • Innovation: vRP introduces innovative features that diverge from the traditional RP framework.
  • Loyal Userbase: Despite occasional inactivity in development, vRP maintains a dedicated and loyal userbase, resulting in a variety of resources.
  • Active Development (Community): The community has taken up the mantle, ensuring active development and updates.


  • Development Uncertainty: vRP has experienced periods of inactivity in official development, causing concerns about its long-term support.
  • Distinctiveness: The distinct gameplay style may not appeal to all players, potentially limiting a server’s audience.
  • Learning Curve: New server owners may face a steep learning curve due to vRP’s unique features and mechanics.

vrpex (deprecated)

vrpex is an extension of vRP aimed at modernizing and addressing some of the original framework’s limitations, with the goal of revitalizing vRP’s appeal.



  • Modernization: vrpex represents a more contemporary and updated version of vRP, bringing improvements and enhancements.
  • Performance Boost: The framework offers improved performance and optimization compared to the original vRP.
  • Compatibility: vrpex is designed with enhanced compatibility with other FiveM resources in mind.
  • Ongoing Development: Developers continue to work on vrpex, introducing new features and addressing issues.


  • Newness: Being a relatively new framework, vrpex may have fewer resources and scripts compared to older, more established frameworks.
  • Transition Hurdles: Migrating from vRP to vrpex may require additional work for server owners already using the original vRP framework.

Comparison Table

Framework ESX (EssentialMode Extended) qbcore vRP (vRoleplay) vrpex
Robust Documentation and Support  
Rich Ecosystem    
Customization Options
Built-in Features  
Regular Updates
Resource Efficiency      
Unique Experience      
High Customization      
Performance Boost      
Ongoing Development  
Resource Intensive      
Feature Set      
Smaller Community      
Development Uncertainty      
Learning Curve    
Transition Hurdles      


  1. If You Prefer Stability:
    • ESX (EssentialMode Extended) stands out as a stable and well-established framework with robust documentation and a large community. Its regular updates and feature-rich nature make it a reliable choice for those looking for a stable foundation for their server.
  2. If You Prefer Documentation:
    • ESX (EssentialMode Extended) is a clear winner in terms of documentation and support. Its extensive resources and active community ensure that server owners and developers have access to comprehensive documentation and assistance.
  3. If You Prefer User-Friendliness:
    • qbcore shines as a user-friendly option, especially for newcomers to FiveM. Its simplicity and modular structure make it easy to get started and customize without overwhelming complexity.
  4. If You Prefer Resource Efficiency:
    • qbcore is the go-to choice for resource efficiency. Being lightweight, it places fewer demands on server resources, which can lead to enhanced performance.
  5. If You Seek a Unique RP Experience:
    • vRP (vRoleplay) offers a distinct and immersive RP experience with a focus on storytelling and player immersion. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to create something different from the traditional RP framework.
  6. If You Want a Modernized Version of vRP:
    • vrpex is a modernized extension of vRP, offering improved performance, compatibility, and ongoing development. If you’re already using vRP and want to revitalize it, vrpex is worth considering.
  7. If You Prefer Simplicity and Lower Learning Curve:
    • qbcore and vRP (vRoleplay) are simpler and have a lower learning curve, making them suitable for those who prioritize ease of use and quick setup.
  8. If You Value Distinctiveness and Innovation:
    • vRP (vRoleplay) is known for its unique features and innovative approach to RP. If you want to stand out from the crowd and provide a different RP experience, vRP is a strong choice.
  9. If You Worry About Development Uncertainty:
    • qbcore and vrpex offer active development and ongoing updates, providing assurance for server owners concerned about the framework’s long-term support.
  10. If You Seek a Larger Community and More Resources:
    • ESX (EssentialMode Extended) and qbcore have larger communities, which typically result in more available resources, scripts, and community support.

Choosing the most suitable FiveM framework is a pivotal decision that greatly impacts the overall gameplay experience on your server. Each framework, namely ESX, qbcore, vRP, and vrpex, possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to varying preferences and objectives of server owners. ESX, for instance, stands out as a feature-rich and robust choice, while qbcore prioritizes simplicity and flexibility. On the other hand, vRP and vrpex offer distinctive and immersive role-playing experiences.

When making a decision, it is essential to align your framework choice with your server’s vision, your level of familiarity with the FiveM platform, and the preferences of your player community. Factors to consider include the availability of community support, the abundance of resources, and the specific features that best align with your desired gameplay style. By selecting the appropriate framework, you can create a vibrant and captivating FiveM RP server that resonates with your players and ensures long-term engagement.

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