Renzu Spawn


:boom: Features

  • Easy to add and remove locations via config
  • Trigger the resource via Exports.
  • Smooth Camera Transition
  • Standalone resource
  • Locations Thumbnails
  • Locations Info
  • Supports non multicharacters too. by editing Config.multicharacters = false
  • Supports Custom location like personal property, job locations.
  • Supports 13XX up to ~ 2500+ resolutions

:information_source: How to use

  • this resource can be exported from your eg. multicharacters resource.
local lastlocation = {x = coord.x, y = coord.y, z = coord.z, heading = coord.w}
  • if Config.multicharacters is false. this Spawn Selector will show up when you spawned in the first time using spawnmanager events handler.

Custom Spawn locations

  • you can define custom locations eg. job locations, personal locations
local lastlocation = {x = coord.x, y = coord.y, z = coord.z, heading = coord.w}
local options = {
  [1] = { 
             name = 'house',  -- img name
             label = 'Personal Property', 
             coord = vector4(146.86, -267.63, 43.28, 142.27), 
             info = 'My Personal property in grove street.'


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