(Standalone) Mx Bolt And Nut Game

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A minigame with a simple objective, fit the bolt into the nut, just press at the exact moment.


  • Totally standalone, works on any server.
  • You can define the position of the nut in four difficulties (1 to 4). 1 being the easiest and 4 being the hardest.
  • You can set the speed of the screw, increasing the difficulty or making the minigame easier.
  • Position the nui interface wherever you want on the screen.
  • Easy translation and configuration.

Video Preview

Bolt and Nut Minigame


Event usage example Five M Script

TriggerEvent("mxStartBoltGame", x, y, speed, position, function(callback)
    if callback == 'SUCCESS' then
        print(">> Bolt Game [ SUCCESS ]")
    elseif callback == 'FAILED' then
        print(">> Bolt Game [ FAILED ]")

How to use (EVENT)

Move ui right or left, in percentage, 50% middle of the screen, without the % symbol

x = 50
Move ui top or bottom, in percentage, 50% middle of the screen, without the % symbol

y = 50
Speed ​​bolt, 1.0 normal, 0.5 slower, 1.5 faster, enter whatever value you want

Depending on the speed, it will make the minigame more difficult

speed = 1.0
Nut position, creating difficulties. 1 to 4

4 is the furthest, therefore more difficult.

position = 2
callback = Defines whether the minigame succeeded or failed


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